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Cabungaan Traditional Sinoog

The Sinoog Estokada, an annual tradition is the grand highlight of every fiesta celebration in the

Colegio dela Medalla Milagrosa

town of Jagna. On September 29, 5 contingents participated and gaily danced to the Sinoog Estokada jingle along the highway of Jagna going towards the Tejero grounds where the showdown took place.

The Sinoog is a portrayal of the fight between the good and evil. The good, represented by St. Michael the Archangel the patron saint of the town, triumphs over Satan in a dance drama presentation. This scene portrayed yearly is a belief of the Jagnaanons that St. Michael the Archangel is the protector of the town from way back during the times of the moors until the present.

The participating schools this year were Tubod Monte Integrated School high school department, NaatangElementary School, Colegio dela Medalla Milagrosa, Bunga Mar Elementary School and Can-uba Elementary School


Tribu Tubodnon of Tubod Monte Integrated School

These students gyrated to the music to entertain the crowd gathered to witness the event.

Awards were given after the showdown. Colegio dela Medalla Milagrosa took home the Best in Production Design, Best in Costume, Best San Miguel and Best in Portrayal. Tubod Monte Integrated School took home the Best in

Bunga Mar Elementary School

Street Dancing Award.

Naatang Elementary School

The Sinoog Estokada Committee was ably headed by Ms. Lovella E. Acebes and Rev. Fr. Alberto Uy with the Parish Youth Ministry, PNP and LGU Jagna employees as members of the different working committees.

The event was capped with a grand fireworks display at the Jagna Municipal Plaza.