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Environmental Policy


Jagna as leading center of trade and agro-industrial-tourism in Southeastern Bohol is committed to the preservation and wise use of its natural resources by establishing relevant regulations and control on its environment for sustainable development.

In providing the frameworks of there environmental objectives and targets, the Municipality of Jagna shall undertake the following:
  • Formulate, enact, implement and abide all environmental legislations in accordance with the existing plans and programs of the municipality in lined with the local regulations, national laws and international agreements;
  • Establish guidelines and procedures on the cost cutting measures in every department:
    • Reduce, re-use and recycle supplies in every office to save and minimize waste and consumption;
    • Create proper measures, guidelines and monitoring in the conservation of power and water consumption;
    • Enhance the delivery of social services and improve the working and friendly environment for the people.
  • Initiate social marketing activities to promote participation of the Sectoral communities in implementing environmentally friendly programs;
  • Implement the restoration, reforestation and rehabilitation of denuded and depleted upland and coastal resource for sustainable development;
  • Ensure the safetiness and healthy working environment of the entire community;
  • Ensure proper procedure in the disposal of toxic chemicals and hazardous waste to prevent pollution.
HON. BONIFACIO J. VIRTUDES, JR.                                  HON. FORTUNATO R. ABRENILLA
Municipal Vice-Mayor                                                                    Municipal Mayor