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Municipal Plans

Philippine Development Plan

Provincial Development Physical Framework Plan 2010-2015


Mandated Plans

Annual Investment Plan

Work and Financial Plan

State of the Local Governance Report

State of the Municipal Address (SOMA)

GAD Plan and Budget

GAD Planning and Budgeting Orientation



Area Plans

System Plans

  • Jagna Waterworks System Business Plan 2011-2015
  • Municipal Water Supply, Sanitation and Sewerage Plan
  • Water Supply System Plan
  • Waste Water Management Plan
  • Flood Control Management Plan
  • Traffic Management Plan
  • Integrated Communication Technology Plan
  • Transport Management Plan
  • Irrigation System Plan
  • Open Space Network Plan


10-Year Jagna Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan


Thematic Plans



  • Food Security Plan
  • Jagna Tourism Plan
  • Public Order and Safety Plan
  • Culture and Arts Plan