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Newly elected municipal officials of the Municipality of Jagna took their oaths of office before the Honorable Governor Edgar M. Chatto last June 28, 2013 at the Jagna Gymnasium.

The oath taking and inaugural ceremonies was kicked off with a thanksgiving mass at six in the morning at the St. Michael Parish church.

Present in the ceremony were Mr. Rene Espinosa representative of Congressman Arthur Yap, Ms. Abigail Fulgueras representative of Congressman Neri Javier Colmenares of Bayan Muna, Vice Mayor elect of Garcia Hernandez Hon. Lito Dajalos, heads of departments in the local government, national offices, religious and other non-government organizations, selected guests, municipal government officials and employees, barangay captains and officials and families of the newly elected local officials and the media.

The program started at ten in the morning.  New councilors who took their oath of office were Maricris V. Jamora, Derrick C. Virtudazo and Leonardo A. Ocio, Jr.

Mayor Fortunato R. Abrenilla takes his oath of office before Governor Edgar M. Chatto as his family looks on with his wife Atty. Lerma de Paz Abrenilla, Ms. Jasmin Cabides, the mayor’s niece and Mr. Douglas R. Abrenilla, his brother.

Governor Edgar M. Chatto delivered his message after the oath taking emphasizing on unity. He said that he will always be supporting Jagna in its endeavors for the betterment of the town and its people.

Second termer Mayor Fortunato R. Abrenilla in his inaugural address thanked the Jagnaanons for trusting him again in the May 2013 election. He then emphasized to continue his commitment to upholding good governance through participatory, transparency and accountability.

Highlights of the plans and programs for the next three years include a focus on upgrading infrastructure as well as implementing programs which will address corruption in any form in the local government. He emphasized that he will continue to implement the “1st 100 days” and make this a tradition. His first 100 days priority this second term are demolition of the stage in the market, concreting of the Jagna Circumferential Road includes rehabilitation of drainage near DQ Lodge and fast track Tourism Hub to be used as Tourism Assistance Center and Display of Local Products

Mayor Abrenilla said that he will encourage the participation of more sectoral groups in the important bodies existing in the municipality. He is promoting active participation of the community in the development of the town. He is strengthening the linkages and alliances between the local government unit and the private sector, NGOs, civil society groups.

ARRIBA JAGNA. From left to right are Ms. Abigail Fulgueras, Mr. Rene Espinosa, Mayor Fortunato R. Abrenilla, Governor Edgar M. Chatto, Maricris V. Jamora, Derrick C. Virtudazo and Leonardo A. Ocio, Jr., municipal councilors.

Finally, Mayor Abrenilla said that the success of plans and programs depend upon the effort of the community as a whole. He encouraged the people to participate actively. He called on the new councilors to work together treading the same path towards the betterment of Jagna. Before ending his speech he again expressed his thanks to the people for believing in his leadership.

The last part of the program was a turn-over ceremony of funds from Bayan Muna to Jagna Renaissance amounting to Php 500,000. The representative of Bayan Muna Congressman Neri Javier Colmenares sent Ms. Abigail Fulgueras to turn over the funds. Jagna Renaissance was represented by Dr. Cecil Cero, Ms. Amancia Albino, Ms. Gina Ranan, Mr. and Mrs. Willy and Yolanda Aviles.

Mr. Merlino G. Acebes hosted the event.