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Mayor Fortunato R. Abrenilla issued Executive Order No. 20 entitled “AN ORDER BANNING THE USE OF STYROFOAM FOOD PACKS IN ANY LGU-FUNDED MEALS”. The EO cited provisions of RA No. 9003 on the protection of public health and environment under the ecological solid waste management program specifically on the utilization of environmentally-sound methods and solid waste avoidance and volume reduction.


The use of styropacks on food take-aways during seminars, trainings and other activities has been a practice at the LGU assuming that it is safe. In reality results of research established styrene, a component of the material of the styropack, as a possible human carcinogen.


Moreover, garbage generated by the use of styropacks adds up to the solid waste problem of the municipality.


With the mentioned rationale, the EO was signed on April 27, 2015 which was effected immediately distributing copes to LGU departments and food establishments who cater to the meals of the LGU.