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Abrenilla to push waterworks project even with limited budget

Mayor Fortunato R. Abrenilla is declaring that he will continue his priority project which is the rehabilitation of the Jagna Waterworks System and finding new sources of water for the town even if budget is very limited.

With the decrease in the Internal Revenue Allotment of Local Government Units, certainly implementation of projects will be affected.

Abrenilla strongly adhering to transparency, financial accountability and putting an end to corruption in government is making sure that projects undergo the correct, proper and mandated process of procurement.

Bidding process is transparent. Bidders of materials are encouraged to participate. An increase in the number of bidders mean there is competition thus brings about the lowering down of prices of materials thereby providing more savings to the LGU for the purchase of additional materials.

Through the Bids and Awards Committee, bidding is ensured to be transparent and participatory – a legacy the present administration is working on with the belief that by following mandated processes, corruption will be minimized towards complete eradication.

Currently, bidders of government projects are required to register in the PhilGeps. A national monitoring system that makes sure that all bidding processes and bidders are registered. This is President PNoy’s way of pushing thru with his clean-up of corruption in the government.

Through other forms of seeking financial assistance from institutions and agencies, the Mayor is keen on finishing his legacy and providing the people of Jagna with safe, potable and sufficient water for the whole town – a long time problem that has been overlooked but needs immediate attention as water is a basic necessity.




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