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Another batch of farmers embrace new farming technology

BALILI, JAGNA – Another batch of farmers coming from Barangay Balili complete the hybrid rice techno demonstration facilitated by rice technicians Cecile Opada and Melyndre Galve of the Municipal Agriculture Office in a recognition ceremony held in Sitio Siling, Balili last April 16.


This is an offshoot of the first hybrid rice techno demo completed in the month of July 2011 where the first batch of graduates were given recognition for their participation. Yield of the first techno demo increased compared with the yield of the customary rice planting. The technology has proven to result in higher yield which led to the provision of another 5 hectare rice techno demo worked on by the current batch.


The LGU rice technicians trained by the Provincial Agriculture Office provided technical know-how on the Minus One Element Technique (MOET) technology employed in the hybrid rice techno demo. This is with the assistance of Regional Rice Techno Demo Coordinator Mr. Roger Dabalan.


Mayor Fortunato R. Abrenilla, a firm advocate of agriculture as the biggest employer, congratulated the 33 farmer-graduates. He said that agricultural techniques should go hand in hand with the advancement and changes in time. “Our land is not increasing, but the demand for agricultural products and the number of mouths to feed have increased significantly. Thus, there is a great need to institute ways to increase the yield of our limited land to satisfy the need for more food”, said the local chief.


Mayor Abrenilla observed that from amongst the participants, a great number is composed of young farmers. He said that he is glad that there are young farmers who appreciate and believe the new technology. He said that agriculture needs young people too just like the industries. Young ones are strong and capable of doubling work efforts. With their capacities and the hybrid rice technology, yield is sure to increase.


The hybrid rice technology is apt for the type of land in the town. Not all ricefields in Jagna are irrigated. There are a lot of unirrigated ricelands. The hybrid rice technology requires less water than the traditional rice varieties.


The Mayor added that the Philippines is largely an agricultural country. Forty percent of the economy is derived from agriculture. It is the base. “If we want the country to progress, institute reforms, cultivate and give a strong boost to this sector because it is the lifeline of the national economy”, said the able mayor of the town.

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