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In accordance with the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS), the Municipal Agriculture Office conducted an assessment-planning seminar for Barangay Livestock Aids (BALA) on January 18, 2013 at the Capt. Goyo Hall. BALAs from the 33 barangays were in attendance.

The assessment-planning followed the precepts of the SPMS indicating the five elements in the SPMS namely major final output, performance measures (effectiveness, efficiency, timeliness), performance targets, success indicator, organizational outcome/sectoral goals.

Among the major final outputs (MFOs) in the MAO’s Livestock Enhancement Program are genetic improvement/ upgrading program; swine production and dispersal program; comprehensive livelihood emergency enhancement program (goat- Tubod Monte); livestock health and management program; rabies prevention and eradication program; technical assistance to walk-in and on-site clients.

These MFOs each have corresponding performance measures as well as performance targets indicating the number of livestocks serviced in a time-frame. All in all, the sectoral goal indicated is client satisfaction.

Mayor Fortunato R. Abrenilla in his inspirational message stressed the importance of diligence in the performance of tasks. He encouraged the BALAs present to maximize in the availing of the government’s program since it everything is already provided for except for the efforts required for each BALA.

Distribution of 10ml fiberglass syringes and dewormer followed.

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