DepEd Usec. Alain Del B. Pascua visits Jagna

DepEd Usec. Alain Del B. Pascua visits Jagna

DepEd Undersecretary (Usec.) Alain Del B. Pascua visited the Municipality of Jagna on 22 August 2019 through the initiative of Mayor Joseph A. Raňola.

In a meeting with the Heads of Public Schools and the PTA, held at Capt Goyo Hall, the Usec. who is in charge of school buildings across the country under DepEd, pledged his commitment to Jagna (not just to the Mayor) that all 27 schools of Jagna for repair and rehabilitation will be done during the three-year term of Mayor Raňola as the Local Chief Executive.

True to his commitment to Jagna, Usec. Pascua revealed the new/ongoing construction projects of two school buildings with 3-story, 12-classrooms worth 29M respectively awarded to Lonoy Heroes and Jagna High School. He briefly explained the background on how DepEd projects are processed. First, the projects are listed on a 5-year plan to be checked and assessed (e.g. Classroom Shortage, Buildable Space, Soil Testing, etc.) by the DepEd Engineer together with the DPWH Engineer. Second, if these projects passed the requirements, the proposed project (or a new proposal) will be submitted on a queue listing. Third, project implementation (a go signal) will depend on the DepEd budget allocation for projects released every year.

The priority of DepEd projects for 2020 will be for the last-mile schools. These far flung schools will be provided with the same standard building model and specifications with the provision of computers and relevant learning materials. He also tackled the current DepEd issue on textbooks procurement problem for Grade 6 and puzzled printing of materials for Senior High due to diverse and numerous tracks offering. The Usec. conveyed possible solutions to these problems would be 1. Fast-tracking the procurement process. 2. Get the lacking materials to buffer the demand of supplies. 3. Moving towards tablet or cellphone devices and open education resources.

The Usec. asked the principals to right down a list of their school’s lacking textbooks, existing computerization program, whether usable or damaged equipment, buildings and chairs excluding arm chairs which are considered obsolete and are only consumable within five years as DepEd is now issuing tables and chairs geared towards the student’s use of tablet and laptops in the near future. The lists from the principals are to be considered as a direct report to the Undersecretary for immediate action and possible solutions.

As of now, school’s perimeter fence, gate, pathway, courts, stage and security guards are not yet included in the program of DepEd. The department is not yet authorized to build these items under the General Appropriations Act (GAA) as DepEd’s budget is focused on classrooms and learning materials but instead it is being suggested to encourage partnerships with the LGUs, NGOs and other stakeholders to put in their funds depending on their budget.

Concerning the school’s acquisition of land, DepEd has a very small fund to acquire lands and advised the school heads to ask assistance from the LGU thru the use of rack agreement with the LGU.

With regards to the Teachers’ salary increase, the Usec. inspired the crowd that most probably the President will approve the increase this year and added that the President wants to implement the Salary Standardization Law 5 (SSL 5).

Schools were encouraged to build sports club and adopt sports as mandatory rather than a priority. DepEd is now drafting sports basics, manuals and specifications for the standardization of the 27 sports in DepEd. Training and certification (with the equivalent teaching load) of sports coaches and coordinators have been laid-down with the drafted sports basics for implementation within the next two years.

DepEd is working out for an additional regular item for Administrative Staff for every school to act as Property Custodian which is currently a designated position. Lacking School Head or Principal Position is being addressed and encouraged to create a work place with the assistance of the Usec.’s Secretariat. An institutionalized mandatory reshuffling of Supervisors and up positions will be done every 3 years.

School based feeding program for this year will start feeding children with fresh milk and it’s up to the school where to source out the dairy product. “Feed All” policy was adapted last year for the last-mile schools or with less than 100 enrollees. The framework of the feeding program is for the hungry children who come to school because of poverty and not that the department is in charged for the nutrition of the children. Malnutrition program is under DOH and DSWD. Feeding program is implemented to attract children to come to school.

Unlike the elementary level, hunger is not the primary reason why High School students don’t go to school. There are two major reasons for High School absenteeism.  One is because of student’s early marriage and early pregnancy and the other reason is because the student needs to work to financially support his studies. That is why there’s no feeding program intervention being offered to high school but DepEd is strengthening the reproductive health education program.

Clinics will be provided to cluster of schools with the provision of medical equipment like dental chair, medical diagnosis table, medicines and supplies.

DepEd is currently reviewing the policies on ranking and promotion and looking on a rational promotion system as well as the LSEN (Learners with Special Education Needs) and MAPASA programs. The high qualification requirement of the School Guidance Counselor item with low salary is on modification process with the DBM to become Counselor Aide with higher salary grade.

The existing old Marcos type buildings in Jagna needs to be replaced as these are already obsolete. The Mayor through the Municipal Engineer has the power to condemn the old Marcos type buildings so that the replacement building would become a priority for construction.

Renovation is on the way for the Heritage/Gabaldon buildings of the Jagna Central Elementary School. These Gabaldon buildings has its own separate fund allocation for the restoration efforts that goes through the National Historical Commission and the National Museum. Currently DepEd is implementing the Repair One Repair All policy of the public schools.

The principal’s Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) is now moved to have a categorization to address the different external representations like those for sports, trainings, etc. DepEd is now proposing to have a school sports fund to cater the utilization of after school sports and the creation of sports club and varsities.

The quorum thanked Usec. Pascua for this rare consultation opportunity which was made possible through Mayor Raňola’s friendship with the Usec. The meeting ended with the Usec.’s commitment to uplift the educational status of Jagna.

After lunch, Usec. Pascua together with Mayor Raňola, Councilor Anthony Aniscal and some of the DepEd officials visited the heritage house of Jagna Mayor Joseph A. Raňola, Jagna Central Elementary School, Tubod Monte Integrated School (TMIS), Malbog Elementary School. Usec. Pascua being a seminarian before, enjoyed visiting the Birhen sa Barangay Ilihan Shrine and the San Pedro Calungsod Shrine.

Jagna is grateful for the Usec.’s visit and commitment to the town with the initiative of Mayor Joseph A. Ranola.


=== Credits to Kag. Tonton Aniscal for the Photos and Live Video Streaming. ===

Launching of the “A Day in Jagna Tour” – a tourism kick-off

Launching of the “A Day in Jagna Tour” – a tourism kick-off


Its 9 days more to go into the celebration of the 385th Foundation Day and Fiesta Celebration of the town of Jagna! Viva Senior San Miguel!

Today marks the start of the 9-day long novena at the church of St. Michael the Archangel, the patron saint of the town. The 9-day novena will be followed with the 9-nightly entertainments organized by the Local Government Unit. As a tradition, it is the national, provincial and local government agencies to open the nightly celebrations thus this year’s opening salvo is anchored on the theme LIVABLE JAGNA: A Community for Change, A Church of Mercy. A presentation of the mission and vision of the town crafted by the local government unit aimed at presenting to the Jagnaanons and Jagnaanons-at-heart the essence of its mission and vision to be inculcated in each one’s mind and heart thru songs and dances.

A most important part of day 1 of the 9-day series of entertainments is the launching of a tourism program – a desire from long ago – now given much attention and application. This plan is to anchor on the five pillars of tourism development – ecotourism, historical-cultural attractions, natural attractions and special events for the upliftment of the lives of the Jagnaanons thru tourism.

Tourism in Jagna has always remained a minor driver of socio – economic activity despite the presence of sites that are potential crowd –drawing attractions. Jagna is rich in tourism and cultural attractions. Evident to these are twenty –two (22) identified existing and potential tourist spots located in the different barangays. Per Jagna Tourism Plan of Action and Marketing Strategy, it adopts the following 1) Establishment of Tourist Assistance Center; 2) Develop and consolidate present product offering; 3) Tourist destination assistance and linkages to prime tourist destinations; 4) Training and employment of tour guides and service crews; 5) Endorsement in the drafting of legislations in the operations and regulations of tourism activities and others.

With all of the above-mentioned, the concept of “A Day in Jagna” tour package sprung to life utilizing what is existent as crowd-drawing attractions. A Day in Jagna features a culinary tour, with a touch of eco-culture, the present and thriving micro-economic enterprises of Jagna with cultural and socio-economic significance in the evolution of the town. These are: Ching’s Calamay ( The traditional Way of making the calamay), JACAPCO Facility ( Jagna Calamay Producers Cooperative presents the modern calamay making) ,Tableya de Binsoy at Municipal Agriculture Office in Tubod Monte, Banana Chips & Ubi Food Processing in Tubod Monte, Virgin Coconut Oil Processing in Kinagbaan, Jagna Cookies in Nausok, St. Michael the Archangel Parish at the Poblacion and the Capt. Gregorio Caseñas Statue at the municipal plaza. This will be launched on September 20, 2016 at 8:00 in the morning starting off with a motorcade and a program thereafter to be held at the Jagna Gym.

Presently, the LGU has been organizing tours to Jagnaanon students and pupils to familiarize them with what is being offered. For those interested in the “A Day in Jagna: Culinary Tour Package”, you may contact the Tourism Office at (038) 5318001.

Launching of the “A Day in Jagna Tour” – a tourism kick-off

Tourguiding for local entrepreneurs

The Local Government of Jagna thru its Tourism Office in cooperation with the Jagna Sustainable Micro Enterprise Development (JaSMed) is conducting a 2-day Practical Local Tour Guiding Training on August 30-31 at the Looc Barangay Hall. 20160830_141958

The seminar is in preparation for the program “A Day in Jagna” tour package which will highlight the different culinary practices of the town.20160830_093904



Resource person is Ms. Angelie Tiu, a Jagnaanon and a former municipal councilor, engaged in the business of tour guiding.

The 2-day program includes presentation of the Vision of the Jagna Tourism Industry by SB Committee Chairperson on Toursim Councilor Maricris V. Jamora; What is Tourism by Ms. Teresa Gina Ranan, Tourism Officer; Overview of the Dynamics of Tourism, Tour Guiding Seminar, Mock Tour for Culinary Tour on the Jagnaanon products Calamay, Tableja, Banana Chips, Ube, Pancit Yaning ang a tour of the Public Market and scriptwriting will be tackled by Ms. Tiu.

The Tourism Industry has lagged in the past years. The desire of the Local Chief Executive and the municipal officials to uplift the lives of the Jagnaanons believing that it is the tourism industry who will be the catalyst for the desired speedy progress felt in the barrios has taken its utmost priority this time. Thus, to kick this off is a training for the local women and men involved in the production of these products to capacitate them for the inclusion of Jagna in the Bohol Tourism Roadmap. (asb)

Launching of the “A Day in Jagna Tour” – a tourism kick-off

LGU and church unite for Jagna’s 385th Foundation and Fiesta celeb


JAGNA – The Local Government Unit of Jagna and St. Michael the Archangel Parish are in the thick of preparations for the coming 385th Foundation Day and Fiesta celebration in honor of its patron St. Michael the Archangel on September 28-29, 2016. This year’s theme is anchored on the LGU’s new vision and the church’s theme combined to come up with LIVABLE JAGNA: A COMMUNITY FOR CHANGE, A CHURCH OF MERCY.

Tradition dictates that the Jagnaanons celebrate its foundation and fiesta with gaiety and merrymaking as well as a look back into the past towards Jagna’s evolution up until the present. Religion has played a major role in the cohesiveness of the Jagnaanons. It is a vital factor in the successful fusion of culture and tradition with reality and practicality.

The Local Council for Culture and the Arts (LCCA) has since June planned the major activities for this year’s foundation and fiesta. Topping are the major highlights: 9-day novena and nightly entertainment starting September 20, Tabo sa Jagna opening on September 23, SAKAY SAKAY 2016 and SINUOG ESTOKADA – a religious and cultural showcase on September 29.

This year’s foundation day and fiesta celebration is expected to draw in visitors to the town to witness the different activities the Jagnaanons have prepared. The LCCA chaired by local chief executive Atty. Fortunato R. Abrenilla with the different committees – 9-day novena is spearheaded by the St. Michael the Archangel Parish; nightly entertainment by Vice Mayor Bonifacio J. Vurtudes, Jr. and Councilor Rodrigo Lloren; Tabo sa Jagna by Councilo Maricris V. Jamora and MAO Camilo Rizano; Sakay Sakay 2016 by Vice Mayor Boni facio J. Virtudes, Jr. and Rev. Fr. Tereso Lumacang and Sinuog Estokada by Ms. Lovella E. Acebes. The Jagna Tourism Office is in charge of the tourism aspect of the different activities headed by Ms. Teresa Gina Ranan.

Jagna MNC discusses relevant issues and plans for 2016 Nutrition Month celebration

Jagna MNC discusses relevant issues and plans for 2016 Nutrition Month celebration

The Municipal Nutrition Council met to discuss the comments and observations of the Provincial and Regional evaluators during the 2015 Nutrition Evaluation conducted recently. Among the issues in the discussion is on the alarming rate of increase in malnutrition among school children compared to the previous 2 years.

MNAO Anita Ocmeja urged the DepEd teachers present to look into the possibilities contributory to the issue at hand most especially the selling of junk food outside the perimeter of the schools.

Mayor Fortunato R. Abrenilla suggested continuous feeding to the severely wasted and wasted 380 school children in 2015-2016 which is at 8.28% as compared to the .65% in 2014-2015.

Among the reasons on the increasing prevalence of malnutrition pointed by the teachers is the defective weighing scale used. The body agreed to use a standard weighing scale and requested the presence of the Municipal Nutrition Action Officer (MNAO) during the weighing in schools.

DA staff Amelia Virtudazo informed the body that the Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) has a chicken and piglet dispersal program which may be availed by parents of the identified wasted and severely wasted school children. The program is on a first come first serve basis. A MOA will be signed which will require the parent-beneficiary to return two chicks to the MAO once the chicken have produced an offspring. The same goes with piglet dispersal. Vegetable seeds for planting are also available for these focused beneficiaries.

On the other hand, in celebration of July as Nutrition Month, the municipality will launch nutrition month celebration on June 29, 2016 and culmination activity will be done on July 29, 2016.

Among the activities for the month-long celebration are Nutrition Quiz, Drawing Contest and Poster Making Contest open to elementary pupils and secondary students. A Buntis Congress will be spearheaded by the Municipal Health Office.

July as Nutrition Month is annually celebrated with the purpose of continuous education and awareness to parents, pupils and students of the importance of good nutrition in the homes. (ASB)index