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The Local Government Unit of Jagna thru the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (MDRRMC) strengthened each of the 33 barangays’ Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (BDRRMC) by appointing the respective action officers to focus on the tasks and responsibilities of the BDRRMC.

It has since elected the BDRRMC Federated Officers to make sure that there is a proper organization that will handle the group. Closely monitored by the MDRRMC, the Federation of BDRRM Action Officers and members plans and executes activities as a group and as individualized barangays.

The newly elected officers are Mr. Arthur Bulias, president; Mr. Sherwin Padilla, vice president (coastal barangays); Rowel Ortiz, (vice president, metro Jagna); Mr. Renato Cagas, (vice president, upland barangays); Ms. Brenda Salamanca, secretary; Ms. Lourdes Ladera, treasurer; Ms. Victoria Ocon, muse; Mr. Jovanie Junasa, prince charming; Mr. Virgilio Bernaldez and Mr. Rio Galanido, PROs; Mr. Anacleto Bayron, auditor.

The group true to their designation as action officers acted immediately by going around the creeks and major rivers in Jagna to install posters with “Guinadili ang Paglabay sa Basura”; marking sea level rise/water level rise indicators showing normal, risk and high risk flow level of water at Pagina bridge and Pondol creek; 760 seedlings planted in the Mayana landslide area with BDRRMC Action Officers as the lead group together with LGU employees, JEMRU personnel, TESDA staff and PNP.

The activities were conducted successfully and the BDRRM thru the action officers are now awaiting trainings to be provided to equip them with the necessary skills in the management of disaster risk reduction.