BEA Updates

Jagna is one of the 43 municipalities in Bohol affected by the October 15, 2013 7.2 magnitude earthquake. With the damaged public infrastructure in the province, the national government has allotted P2.3 B for recovery and rehabilitation. This allotment is the Bohol Earthquake Assistance (BEA) Fund which funds the Post Great Bohol Earthquake Assistance Plan.

BEA funded projects in the municipality are:

Repair/Rehab of Legislative and Municipal Building

Repair/Rehab of Public Market

Repair/Rehab of Jagna Gymnasium

Repair/Rehab of Jagna Waterworks System

Construction of Malbog Health Station

Repair/Rehab of Naatang Health Station

Repair/Rehab of Pagina Health Station

Repair/Rehab of Caungaan Health Station

Repair/Rehab of Bunga Mar Health Station

Repair/Rehab of Faraon Health Station

Repair/Rehab of Tubod Monte Health Station

Repair/Rehab of Lonoy Health Station

Repair/Rehab of Cantagay Health Station

Repair/Rehab of Calabacita Health Station

Repair/Rehab of Nausok Health Station

Repair/Rehab of Ipil Health Station


DILG Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 68 Series 2014 was released on June 3, 2014 “Guidelines in the Implementation of the Bohol Earthquake Assistance (BEA) DILG fund for affected LGU’s in the province of Bohol”. This memo circular sets policies, procedures and processes for the preparation and implementation of the projects and programs under the BEA.

An LGU must be eligible to be included in the BEA beneficiaries, the project presented must be eligible (public infrastructure) for restoration/rehabilitation and reconstruction, implementation arrangement, confirmation, preparation, submission and approval, bidding etc. are some of the subjects within the guidelines. The process undertaken was long and tedious as it involves multi agency participation prior to project approval and implementation.

Some of the approved projects under the BEA in Jagna have been completed while the major ones are still ongoing.

Completed projects are Repair/Rehab of Naatang Health Station, Repair/Rehab of Pagina Health Station, Repair/Rehab of Caungaan Health Station, Repair/Rehab of Bunga Mar Health Station, Repair/Rehab of Faraon Health Station, Repair/Rehab of Tubod Monte Health Station, Repair/Rehab of Lonoy Health Station, Repair/Rehab of Cantagay Health Station, Repair/Rehab of Calabacita Health Station, Repair/Rehab of Nausok Health Station and Repair/Rehab of Ipil Health Station.

Ongoing projects are:

Ongoing Repair/Rehab of Municipal Building

Ongoing Repair/Rehab of Municipal Building



Repair/Rehab of Legislative Building

Repair/Rehab of Legislative Building


Repair/Rehab of Municipal Gymnasium

Repair/Rehab of Municipal Gymnasium