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On November 18, 2012, the Municipality of Jagna celebrated a new direction to the provision of quality healthcare to the citizens of the town with the blessing of the modernized Lim Community Hospital (LCH). The LCH has been serving the people of Jagna and the nearby town’s for over 30 years.


It took two young married visionary doctors Guido and Grace Lim to start the now Lim Community Hospital with that time an OPD clinic at the ground floor of the residence of Atty. Adelaido Singco in barangay Looc. With established friends and families who trusted Dr. Guido Lim’s father the late Dr. Canuto Lim their clients grew in number that prompted them to establish a hospital in Canjulao.


Initially the LCH is a 28-bed capacity hospital that started in 1980. But as year’s passed the demand for modernizing the hospital and keeping up with efficient and humane service to the people, it has expanded and modernized its facilities. From a single building hospital for a long time, it constructed another building to house its laboratory with up to date equipment and accommodate doctors’ clinics.


There are eleven permanent and visiting physicians at the LCH. These physicians each have expertise to cater to the demand for professional service from clients. The LCH has 22 nursing staff trained to serve the hospital’s clients.


To keep up with the times and provide ample opportunity for would-be nurses, midwives, nursing attendants, the LCH accepts trainees in its premises. The management believes that practical training will provide these trainees the necessary skill that is required to become experts in their chosen field.


The inauguration and blessing of the 3rd floor of the main building and the annex building that hosts its laboratory and doctors’ clinics opened up opportunities for Jagnaanon’s as well as clients from the neighboring towns to avail of services the big hospitals in Tagbilaran provide within an arms’ reach.


During the blessing, Mayor Fortunato R. Abrenilla in his inspirational message thanked both doctors for their vision of establishing their hospital in Jagna and their continued efforts to be of service to the town. Guided by the mission, vision and values to provide quality, safe, humane and honest care to its patients and employees the hospital will go a long way towards providing that and more for its growing clientele.
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