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The Rural Health Units of the municipality recently spearheaded a training for barangay health workers at the Capt. Goyo Casenas Hall, 2nd F of the Jagna Municipal Hall. The training lasted for two days with two batches. Each batch is composed of 84 participants coming from the barangays of the town. There are 25 facilitators all personnel and staff of Rural Health Units 1 and 2.


The general objective of the training is to develop the competency of BHWs as educators, community organizers and primary health care providers. The objective in detail includes providing knowledge on health to BHWs; to capacitate the BHWs to: provide basic health care at the community level, impart knowledge on health to family members in the community and organize the community on health activities.


Course content includes roles and functions of BHWs, safe motherhood, women’s health, health care to children, integrated management on childhood illnesses (IMCI), other communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases (NTP,STD/AIDS), environmental sanitation programs.


Rural Health Unit 1 is headed by Municipal Health Officer Dr. Arnold Dasio M. Cagulada and RHU 2 is headed by Dr. April Ann M. Alpas.