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JAGNA – December 12, 2012 became a significant day in the history of the calamay industry. The blessing and installation of the Calamay Common Service Facility situated in Barangay Can-upao is a turning point to the age old calamay makers and vendors.

The Jagna Calamay Makers Multi Purpose Cooperative (JACAMACO) has partnered with the Local Government Unit of Jagna thru the GREAT Women Project and the Jagna Sustainable Microenterprise Development (JaSMeD) as well as other agencies to form the Jagna Calamay Convergence that envisions a dynamic, progressive and sustainable calamay industry that will produce and market premium quality calamay products utilizing standard production technology and local resources which will be managed by a strong industry organization.

The Jagna Calamay Convergence envisioned for a common service facility that will produce premium quality calamay to be operationalized by the JACAMACO. This idea was initially worked on as a result of the Gender Responsive Economic Actions for the Transformation (GREAT) Women Project from 2009-2013 of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) in partnership with the Local Government Unit of Jagna. The convergence strategy will ensure the steady provision of technical/technology expertise, financial assistance, capital, market linkage and promotions. The composition of the Jagna Calamay Convergence includes the Municipality of Jagna, Province of Bohol (thru the offices of the Governor and Provincial Agriculturist), Office of the Cong. Arthur Yap, Department of Labor and Employment Bohol, Department of Science and Technology Bohol, Department of Trade and Industry Bohol, Bohol Agricultural Promotions Center (DA), Agricultural Training Institute VII (Central Visayas), Philippine Coconut Authority Bohol, Bohol Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. JACAMACO and the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW).

The vision was realized with the construction of the Calamay Common Service Facility that housed all the equipment needed to modernized the production of the calamay. The Calamay Common Service Facility is only 75% completed but the equipment is already ready for utilization. The JACAMACO and the Technical Working Group of the GREAT Women Project decided to hold the blessing and installation since the facility is already up and running.

Guests attended the event with Deputy Executive Director of PCW Ms. Manuela Silva and PCW Project Monitoring Officer Khaleen Sasuman; Mr. Billy Tongco, representative of the Honorable Governor Edgar M. Chatto; Ms. Ann Piquero Dy, representative of Congressman Arthur Yap; Mr. John Paul Nistal of the DOLE; Mr. Jerome Gabin of the DTI; the Municipal Technical Working Group (MTWG) of GWP Balilihan; MLGOO Judy Grace Dominguez together with Mayor Fortunato R. Abrenilla, municipal councilors and MTWG Focal Person Hon. Nimfa A. Lloren of Jagna; Barangay Council of Can-upao and JACAMACO members.

After the blessing was the unveiling of the CSF Marker at the common service facility. Ms. Nimfa Lloren gave the rationale of the event pressing on the achievement of the MTWG-GWP of Jagna to realize the dream amidst the challenges along the way. She emphasized that the building symbolizes so many things – a hallmark, a partnership for a common cause, a group enterprise. She also pointed out that because of the convergence, the CSF is assured of a market outside of Jagna.

The Deputy Executive Director of the PCW Ms. Manuela Silva praised the work of the MTWG-GWP of Jagna for successfully empowering the women-members of the JACAMACO. She has expressed appreciation of how the JACAMACO and LGU has evolved to become gender responsive and economically empowered thru the efforts of the MTWG-GWP of Jagna.

The whole affair was organized hand in hand by the JACAMACO, MTWG-GWP of Jagna and the JaSMeD.



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