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The movement One Jagna For Life is a convergence of the different sectors of the Jagnaanon society – religious, government and civil society. Launched in September of 2014, the movement’s main objective is to counter the spread of drug users mostly in the youth. It declares that Jagna is Anti-Drugs.


The One Jagna For Life movement is embarking on an Anti-Drug Education Campaign 2015 to the different high schools in the town. The campaign seeks to make the students aware of the evils of getting into drug addiction. It targets fourth year students in this initial round of awareness campaign as they will be graduating and will move on to college in the next school year. Before leaving their campuses they will be equipped with the knowledge on the ill effects of drug abuse. They will be encouraged not to get into drugs or even try. The students will also be encouraged to help a drug addict they know by recommending persons to go to with assurance of confidentiality.


There are four Anti-Drug Education teams who will be spread out to the different schools. The team members include representatives from the health/medical sector, legal, religious, youth, rehabilitated drug addicts, PNP, municipal and barangay officials, civil society and technical persons. The flow of the program begins with an invocatory prayer to be rendered by the priest/pastor, giving of the rationale, video presentation on the following: God’s Precious Gift of Life, Drug Abuse Risks to Total Health, Ten Facts About Crystal Meth, Ten Side Effects of Drug Abuse, Harmful Effects and Consequence of Drug Abuse, Faces of Meth. Inputs by speakers include Legal Consequences of Drug Abuse, Top 10 Reasons Why People Use Drugs and Top 10 Reasons Why People Should Not Use Drugs. An open forum will follow after all the presentations.


Faraon National High School and Colegio dela Medalla Milagrosa are the schools scheduled to be visited on March 7, 2015.