Close to 700 dancers to perform in the SINOOG Estokada this year

SINOOG Estokada 2014

SINOOG Estokada 2014

JAGNA – The culminating highlight of each celebration of the Foundation Day and Fiesta of St. Michael the Archangel is the performance of the SINOOG Estokada. This is done every afternoon of September 29 participated by different schools.

SINOOG Estokada committee chairperson Ms. Lovella E. Acebes declared, “This year is exceptional”. There will be seven contingents to perform in the Estokada. The committee allows 60-80 performers for each contingent with 20 additional school personnel to escort the participants which brings a total of 700 people to the municipal plaza. In addition to this is a huge crowd of onlookers/visitors expected every year.

Meetings have been conducted for safety measures as well as traffic management during the event. Municipal Mayor Atty. Fortunato R. Abrenilla met with the Philippine National Police, barangay tanod chief, representative of Philippine Guardians Brotherhood, Inc., representative of the St. Michael the Archangel parish and RESCUE Jagna to discuss pertinent issues as to management of the expected onslaught of people.

This year’s SINOOG Estokada is expected to top the previous years’ performances. The performances will be judged according to three categories – Best in Street Dancing, Best in Portrayal and Best in Fight Scene (of the legendary fight between St. Michael and the devil).

The SINOOG Estokada contingents will start at the Jagna Business Center for the streetdancing at 3:00 PM and then go on towards the municipal plaza for their portrayal and fight scene performance.