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JAGNA – The COMELEC Jagna on May 6 conducted the final briefing to the Board of Election Inspectors (BEI), supervisors and support staff assigned in all the polling centers in the town held at the Jagna Gymnasium.

Election Officer Rolan Dominic J. Amora facilitated the briefing reminding the participants of the procedures to be observed in the polling centers, the do’s and don’ts during election as well as the newly-implemented rules of procedure within the polling centers.

Mr. Amora emphasized on the rights of watchers vis a vis the responsibilities of BEIs. He outlined the arrangement inside the polling centers and reminded the participants on the process and procedures to avoid problems during the conduct of election.

On May 8 final testing and sealing of 36 PCOS machines still went smoothly despite a problem with a PCOS machine. The activity exactly started at 9:20 AM and ended at 1:00 PM. All BEIs, supervisors, support staff were present. PCOS technicians, watchers and mock voters were also present during the activity.

Election Officer Amora did personally see to every aspect of the activity. From the opening of the machines to the problems encountered with some PCOS machines to answering questions of the BEIs to the sealing and securing of the sample ballots after the mock polls.

Held at the Jagna Central Elementary School, the activity was supported by Mrs. Delfina Ola-a, district supervisor. Parish priest and JaMGGo organizer Monsignor Alberto Uy was present supporting the COMELEC.