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Civil Service Commission Director Atty. Judith D. Chicano visited Jagna on October 11-12 to conduct a seminar on Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) model. After the seminar, she got the commitment of the LGU to adopt the system.

Participants were department heads from LGU Jagna and LGU Duero.

The objectives of the SPMS are 1) to concretize the linkage of organizational performance to the different plans namely Municipal Development Plan, Agency Strategic Plan, and Organizational Performance Indicator Framework; 2) Ensure organizational effectiveness and improvement of individual employee efficiency by cascading institutional accountabilities to the various levels of organization anchored on the establishment of rational and factual basis for performance targets and measures; and 3) link  performance management with other Offices in the municipality and ensure adherence to the principle of performance-based tenure and incentive system.

During the two-day seminar, actual SPMS crafting was done. Reporting opened the sharing of the goals (what will be achieved); process (how it will be achieved); and management (way to increase probability of achieving such goals).  This is a mechanism to address demand on producing tangible result to specific tasks.

This is a mechanism that will promote transparency as well as accountability in the workplace. It focuses on performance management, output and outcomes, success indicators and alignment of individual performance to office/organizational .performance as well as to results-based performance.

A Performance Incentive Amounting to Php 5,000 shall be granted to employees who have achieved their specific goals.



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