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The Jagna Movement for Good Governance (JaMGGO) – One Movement Better Government was organized sometime in January of 2013 thru the efforts of Monsignor Alberto Uy, parish priest, heads of other religions and volunteers – lay people, students, teachers, schools, businesses, etc. The JaMGGO’s vision is to change the mindset of the Jagnaanon voters towards a clean, honest and peaceful election 2013 and to choose God-fearing candidates who are capable of leading and serving.

To date, the JaMGGo has accomplished much for the people. It has already visited the 33 barangays giving lectures to residents on the aims of the movement. It has organized motorcades that ply the national, provincial and barangay roads campaigning for its vision. Tarpaulins and signages “Kon imo kaming paliton, dili ka namo pili-on!; We are not stupid. We don’t sell votes.” have sprouted all over the town that signified the vision of JaMGGO.

JaMGGO has convinced the local politicians and candidates to adhere to the vision of JaMGGO. It has conducted 3 dialogues where the May 2013 local candidates have converged with JaMGGO to talk about their support to fight fairly and cleanly. The local candidates have signified their support to the movement thru a video presentation for the people. They have also agreed to focus on each of their platforms so the people may be able to weigh their choices to become informed voters.

The JaMGGO has encouraged students to participate thru writing a letter to their parents not to vote on candidates who engage on vote buying.

On April 20, a candidates forum was conducted at the Jagna Municipal Plaza organized by the JaMGGO. Majority of the local candidates were present to take the opportunity of informing the people of their platform as well as answer questions on governance from the audience. A huge crowd gathered to hear what the candidates have to say.

On May 5, 2013 an Ecumenical Prayer Rally for a clean, honest and peaceful election was held supported by all the other religions in Jagna and the people. It was a showcase that Jagna needs change. Change for a better future especially for the children.

JaMGGO was also actively supporting the COMELEC during the final testing and sealing of PCOS machines. They were present all throughout the duration of the testing and sealing making sure that no untoward incident happens during this critical time.

Finally, the attainment of the Damgo sa JaMGGO will be measured this May 13. As to what happens to the vision remains to be seen. But the JaMGGO believes that they have done their part in educating the Jagnaanons. A move has been started and hopefully with the grace of the Almighty it will be cultivated and reinforced each election until all the Jagnaanons will realize the benefits of a clean, honest and peaceful election.