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Fil-American War Heroes commemorated

New statue of Capt Goyo Caseñas, Jagna's Local Hero, mounted at the newly-developed municipal plaza. (Foto by Onil Berro)

Capt. Gregorio “Goyo” Casenas and the Lonoy Massacre martyrs were honored last April 24 in a whole day affair that started off with a holy mass celebrated at the St. Joseph the Worker Parish church in Lonoy.It was the 110th year commemoration of the heroism of these revolutionaries with the theme “Kagawasan atong saulogon karon ug sa umaabot”.

Historically in the Easter Sunday of the year 1901, a group of Jagna-anon revolutionaries led by Capt. Goyo dug trenches in Lonoy and laid in wait to ambush the coming American troops. Little did they know that Francisco Alcala, a fellow Jagna-anons, is already leading the American troops toward them. Caught unawares, these martyrs were shot and bayoneted right in the trenches they dug. A total of 406 died including Capt. Goyo and only seven survived.

Mayor Fortunato Abrenilla encouraged the descendants of these martyrs and all Jagna-anons present to always keep the fire burning every year;  to always remember what these heroes gave up in exchange for freedom. He further stressed the bravery and courage these heroes possessed standing up against the American troops knowing that they were inferiorly armed with only bolos and spears and a shield made of layers of carabao hide.

The mayor reminded the present generation that like these martyrs, collective efforts for development should not only be short term but look at what is beyond; to always consider the effects and benefits to the future generation.

Present during the commemoration were “Tatay” Billy Tongco, representing Gov. Edgar Chatto; Vice Mayor Exam Lloren; Hon. Nimfa Lloren and Mr. Romel Montano.

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