Experts coming from Isabela State University visited the municipality on April 29, 2011 to conduct a seminar on ruminants raising. Invited by Councilor Alberto Cabrestante, Jr. during their Lakbay Aral in Isabela is another Jagna-anon, Dr. Jonathan Nayga, son of Jagna Councilor Victorino Nayga, Sr. who is now a distinguished professor in Isabela State University to be the resource speaker.

Dr. Jonathan Nayga has been with Isabela State University for a long time and is responsible for the goat raising program in Cagayan Valley. His presentation centered on enterprise development – goat raising as an enterprise. He presented “Rural Enterprise Development through Innovative Goat Production Systems: The Case of the Cagayan Valley Small Ruminants Research Center’s Extension Program”.

An “entrepreneurial mind” is what Dr. Nayga encouraged the participants to have. Raise goats with an aim to make it as a business. No great expense is required in raising goats. Goats only eat grass and will require minimum effort from the farmer.

He further encouraged to avail of the technologies provided by the government to the farmers – to utilize these technologies for development. He promoted to include small ruminants as one of top 5 commodities in the municipality.

Dr. Jonathan Nayga added that he will help Jagnaanon farmers to become entrepreneurs through small ruminants. He is going to teach the innovative technologies for goat raising. He further encouraged farmers present to start raising at least 5 heads of female goats towards entrepreneurship, towards livelihood, towards business.

Mayor Fortunato Abrenilla, supporter of any program towards uplifting the lives of the farmers welcomed and thanked Dr. Jonathan Nayga for his visit as well as the technology that he will be imparting to Jagnaanon farmers. He encouraged the farmers present to start instituting moves towards providing opportunities to increase their income and therefore uplift living conditions. He stressed that it is important to enhance the capabilities of farmers as they are the ones providing food to our table. He urged everyone to listen and be open to the technology brought by Dr. Nayga.