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AMHOP President Dr. Arnold M. Cagulada leads a group of primary care physicians/municipal health officers to focus on heart care for every Filipino.

With his efforts he was able to secure funding from the World Health Organization (WHO) in order to provide training to about 100 municipal health officers from all over the Philippines on heart health and tobacco control. The objective included facilitating discussions on recent evidences, strategies and experiences of each MHO that will contribute to learnings on the management of heart health and tobacco control.

Training was already provided to MHOs in Luzon last July. For the Visayas and Mindanao will be scheduled in November of this year.

Tobacco control is strengthened as it is the leading cause of diseases affecting the heart.

AMHOP’s lead in this field may in the long run effect to the cessation of the use of tobacco among the middle and low income classes who is one the target of the MHOs in their municipalities.

Dr. Arnold Cagulada is the current MHO of the Municipality of Jagna who leads AMHOP in this cause.
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