The name of the barrio is Alijawan.  It  is popularly named Alejawan.  The name was derived from the vernacular words Ale and Hawan, which means block and open space respectively.  The natives blocked the Moros who made the river as their place to anchor.  The Spaniards called the place Alejawan.

The sitios are Caparian, Napo and Mana-ow.  This barrio was established in the year 1775.

The Caparian long ago during the early part of the sixteenth century a Spanish priest took refuge at this place.  The native term for priest is “pari”.  So they called it “Caparian”  The Alejawan River always changed its source and that a delta was formed near its mouth.  The delta was like an island.  The native term for island is “poo”.  So the people called it “Napo”.  Mana-ow is near the sea beach which was the common perching place of a certain kind of hawk that hunted for fish.  The native term for hawk is “Mana-ow”

During the Spanish occupation no important facts, incident or events took place.

During the early part of the American regime many people in this barrio worked together on an irrigation system for their farms.  An American patrol passed by and aimed their guns to shoot the line of working men thinking that they were insurrectos  The barrio head convinced the Americans that the men were not insurrectos. There was then no firing done.  No Filipino soldiers nor civilians were killed in this barrio during World War II.  The houses in this barrio were burned by the Americans in 1899.  The people built new houses after the war.  No lives and property were lost and destroyed during World War II.

In the year 1967-1982 during the time of Brgy. Captain Leonardo Asilo basketball court was made.


We envision a united community where everyone are willingly and responsibly participating in all barangay endeavors leading towards productivity and progress.

We dream that in a span of five (5) years, the top five priority projects be realized so that whole community can enjoy the benefits that it deserves.

We hope that everyone will work towards the preservation and repletion of the environment so that the children of our children can enjoy the bounties that mother nature provides.


That all barangay ordinances shall be enacted properly with the residents responsibly responding not because of fear but out of respect and love of order and peace.

That every resident who collectively contributes towards the welfare of the community be diligent in their duties and responsibilities to the barangay.

That ordinance for the protection of the environment be properly implemented, clean and green surroundings are maintained and drive against illegal operation is sustained.


Photos: JB Unahan