VISION:  Barangay Can-Ipol is economically progressive because the people who are industrious and hardworking are able to acquire sufficient pot able water system. Improved facilities/infrastructure such as solar dryer, health center, a comfortable Day Care Center and well-maintained road.

The peace of the Barangay is sustained because the people remained united, respectful of each others right, helpful towards each other. People have no problem arising out of irresponsibility, discipline and had attained higher level of education, and above all because they have love fear of God.

The clean surrounding create healthy environment and provide convenience and good health to the populace. They well protected river, spring, creeks and forest can meet the needs not only of the present generation but also of the future.



The vision of barangay Can-Ipol to be economically progressive, sustainable clean and peaceful is achieved through hard work, cooperation, discipline and understanding with each other and concern of the environment. Constant hard work, open communication and active participation in the different activities and barangay affair and the coordination of the people through the Brarangay council with different agencies, both private and public can help in the realization and development of the different projects of the barangay. Protecting the forest against fires, the rivers/spring/creeks against any form of poisoning, implementing the proper garbage disposal practices and safeguarding the environment against the abuse of the strangers are few steps in conserving the environment. The responsiveness of everyone to keep the values and morale upstanding, particularly the parent to guide their children/youth can create a community that has love for God, thoughtfulness for fellowmen and concern for the environment.