Jagna Waterworks System Office

Jagna Waterworks System

Jagna, Bohol, Philippines

Customer Service No.s: 2382-249/531-8003 local 820

Website: http://sites.google.com/site/mpdcjagna/jws

Cellular Phone No.0916-6772578

Vision  Statement

The Jagna Waterworks System stands to provide safe and reliable supply of water endeavor to continually improve and protect water sources

Mission Statement

Guided by our vision, we commit ourselves to:

  • Ensure sustainable water resources by being proactive in the preservation of the environment;
  • Provide sufficient potable water at reasonable cost;
  • Deliver quality services through competent and committed personnel endeavor to continually enhance the system and technology.


Jagna Waterworks System (JWS) is a local government-run utility established in 1925. It is responsible for water supply of the municipality of Jagna with a total population of  12,658 people. It’s present service area  covers 11 out of  municipality’s 33 barangays and has a population density of 3,067 persons/km2 . The utility draws water from a spring which is then distributed by gravity to consumers. Tariff is set through municipal ordinance. Number and appointment of staff and top management as well as staff salaries, tariffs and budgets are all under local government control. JWS has a partly developed management information system with a computerized accounting system. It follows a master development plan covering 1999-2014 with emphasis on expanding coverage in the urban areas. The utility submits financial statements as par of the Municipal Government of Jagna’s financial report.

Consumer Service

Average monthly consumption is about 20m3 per household of 5 persons. The water bills averages Php70.46 per month per household. Water is available 18 hours a day to most users. Applicants have to wait for about 3 days for new connections to be made. Connection fee has to be paid prior to the connection. Water quality monitoring is sufficient and 1 out of 4 water samples taken  failed the bacteriological tests. There were 450 consumers complains recorded while 209 leaks were repaired during the year. The utility has no specific policy providing water for the poor.



MPDC / Utility Manager – ENGR. GERRY V. ARANETA

  1. Responsible for the over all look-out and maintenance of Jagna Waterworks Systems
  2. Ensures Customer Care  addresses to or if not endorses to the Water Management Board.
  3. Prepares and implement plans in the rehabilitation of Jagna Waterworks System
  4. Performs other functions directed by the Local Chief Executive and/or Water Management Board

JWS Operation Manager – BERNARDO BAJA

  1. Coordinate with MPDC and supervises plumbers, meter readers and other job order personnel.
  2. Assures revenue collection for the waterworks system will be collected every month.
  3. Ensures notice of disconnection to water consumers will be implemented.
  4. Ensures Customer concern/complaints/problems had taken actions.
  5. Reports status of the operations and recommends actions/suggestions for develkopment.
  6. Decides on the matter regarding waterworks related concerns
  7. Inspects newly installed water connection.
  8. Schedules field workers for the consumers call and assistance.

Office Administrative Staff – MA. ELLEN C. TORRES  (Casual)

  1. Acts as JWS Customer Service attendant.
  2. Prepares and process water permit installation.
  3. Maintain water billing software and updates Utility Profile.
  4. Prepares water monthly billings.
  5. Prepares vouchers and personnel payroll.
  6. Performs other duties and directed by the immediate supervisor.

Plumber  (Permanent Regular)



  1. Coordinates with JWS Operation Manager in the maintenance and operation of the utility.
  2. Recommend JWS Management in planning and rehabilitation of Jagna Waterworks System.
  3. Supervise and assign plumbers for every day operation and monitor their daily activities.
  4. Conduc Perform other functions directed by the Operation Manager and MPDC.t on-site inspection of water connection applicants and recommend/approval or disapproval before the issuance of permit.

Assistant Plumbers ( Job Order)



  1. Responsible in all plumbing works including repair of leakages of all JWS piping networks.
  2. Response to customer service request for repairs posted in the office bulletin board.
  3. Inspect, check and install water connections upon issuance of the approved water permits.
  4. Perform other functions directed by its immediate supervisor.

Meter Readers/Utility Aide (Job Order)


  • Joel E. Bajao (Upper Canjulao)
  • Juanito C. Rañoa Jr. (Can-upao)
  • Agapito S. Ballabare ( Lower Canjulao)
  • Chandley Muñoz (Poblacion)
  • Oliver Tadena (Pagina)
  • John Michael A. Acaso (Cabungaan, Cambugason & Pangdan)


  1. Reads monthly flow meter readings of their respective assigned area.
  2. Check and post water bill.
  3. Deliver and distribute monthly water bills before due date.
  4. Utility aide to plumbers during major repairs.
  5. Report pipe leakages, flow meter defects and other defects to the office for immediate actions.
  6. Perform other functions as directed by the immediate supervisor.

Chlorinator/Tank  Care Taker



  1. Ensures reservoirs maintenance and sanitation.
  2. Safeguard and report water source related problems.
  3. Maintains chlorinator and refill chlorines daily.
  4. Perform other functions as directed by the immediate supervisor.

Revenue Collecting Officer – ROSIE C. REROMA

  1. Collects and received payments from the revenue of water bills.
  2. Assures revenue collection for the waterworks system will be collected every month.
  3. Ensures all notice of disconnection to water consumers will be implemented
  4. Updates records of Jagna Waterworks System.
  5. Submit reports of the delinquent and collectibles.
  6. Recommends/warn consumers who are  subject for disconnection.
  7. May entertain customer service comcerns and post in the bulletin board.
  8. Kept records of financial reports.
  9. Perform other functions as directed by the immediate supervisor.

Revenue Collecting Officer Aide  – ALLEN ACEBU

  1. Collect and accept payment of water bills in coordination with the Revenue Collecting Officer.
  2. Make reports and updates of  collections, collectibles and delinquents of JWS consumers.
  3. May accommodate customers service request for bulletin posting.
  4. Perform other functions as directed by the immediate supervisor.


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