Local School Board


The municipal school board shall be composed of the municipal mayor and the district  supervisor of schools as co-chairmen; the chairman of the education committee of the sangguniang bayan, the municipal treasurer, the representative of the pederasyon ng mga sangguniang kabataan in the sangguniang bayan, the duly elected president of the municipal federation of parents-teachers associations, the duly elected representative of the teachers’ organizations in the municipality, and the duly elected representative of the non-academic personnel of public schools in the city, as members;

(1)  The Department of Education, Culture and Sports shall designate the co-chairman for the provincial and city school boards; and

(2)  The division superintendent of schools shall designate the district supervisor who shall serve as co-chairman of the municipal school board.

(d)  The performance of the duties and responsibilities of the abovementioned officials in their respective local school boards shall not be delegated.

Functions of Local School Boards.

The Municipal school board shall:

(a)  Determine, in accordance with the criteria set by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, the annual supplementary budgetary needs for the operation and maintenance of public schools within the province, city or municipality, as the case may be, and the supplementary local cost of meeting such needs, which shall be reflected in the form of an annual school board budget corresponding to its share in the proceeds of the special levy on real property constituting the Special Education fund and such other sources of revenue as this Code and other laws or ordinances may provide;

(b)  Authorize the provincial, city or municipal treasurer, as the case may be, to disburse funds from the Special Education fund pursuant to the budget prepared and in accordance with existing rules and regulations;

(c)  Serve as an advisory committee to the sanggunian concerned on educational matters such as, but not limited to, the necessity for and the uses of local appropriations for educational purposes; and

(d)  Recommend changes in the names of public schools within the territorial jurisdiction of the local government unit for enactment by the sanggunian concerned.

The Department of Education, Culture and Sports shall consult the local school board on the appointment of division superintendents, district supervisors, school principals, and other school officials.

Meetings and Quorum; Budget.

(a) The local school board shall meet at least once a month or as often as may be necessary.

(b)  Any of the co-chairmen may call a meeting.  A majority of all its members shall constitute a quorum.  However, when both co-chairmen are present in a meeting, the local chief executive concerned, as a matter of protocol, shall be given preference to preside over the meeting.  The division superintendent, city superintendent or district supervisor, as the case may be, shall prepare the budget of the school board concerned.  Such budget shall be supported by programs, projects, and activities of the school board for the ensuing fiscal year.  The affirmative vote of the majority of all its members shall be necessary to approve the budget.

(c)  The annual school board budget shall give priority to the following:

(1)  Construction, repair, and maintenance of school buildings and other facilities of public elementary and secondary schools;

(2)  Establishment and maintenance of extension classes where necessary; and

(3)  Sports activities at the division, district, municipal, and barangay levels.