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The name Jagna was, according to historical records, derived from legendary vernacular exclamation “ni hagna na”. The tale started from the usual occurrence at the mouth of a small river which is already dried up now but whose actual traces of real existence are still visible beyond doubt. At the mouth of the river was a hole or cave-in of considerable depth and size. Such condition of the river led the early inhabitants to call it as “Boho River”. The river used to abound with so much fish called “tigue” in the local dialect. When the school of that particular fish played on the surface of the water, such part seemed to appear like coconut oil boiling in a frying pan. And whenever the people saw the sizzling surface of the water caused by the movement of the fish, they used to remark “ni hagna na”, meaning the oil being cooked is almost done. Therefore, from this common expression of the villagers evolved the present name of the town “JAGNA”.
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