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Jagna’s month-long celebration of the “Heritage Month” (May 2011)

Reference: 375th Commemorative Book

The town is one with the whole nation in the celebration of May as the “Heritage Month”. With Jagna’s string of fiestas celebrated by the 28 barangays out of 33, almost every day during the month of May, food and cultural festivities abound.

Celebrating fiestas in Jagna, as stated in the commemorative book “Jagna…at 375 years”, is an old tradition starting from the pre-spanish times. Ancestors revered anitos and held celebrations to honor them. When the Spaniards came, Christianization efforts were towards the removal of the anitos and replace them with patron saints.  This has since become the tradition. What is being practiced now in the celebration of fiestas is the result of that old-time tradition with some infusion of modernity.

May 1 until the 18th, fiestas are plentiful in the coastal barangays and on the 19th day of May, kicked off by Lonoy, will be the string of fiestas in the upland barangays.

May 1 celebrated by sitio Pondol in barangay Poblacion starts the daily “meals on wheels” with San Jose, Mamumuo as the patron saint; Santa Cruz will be commemorated by the baranagays of lower Tubod Mar, May2; Canjulao, Larapan, Buyog and Upper Tubod Mar on May 3;  Nausok, May 4; Pagina on May 6; Pangdan, May 7; Tejero, May 8; Malbog, May 11; Cantagay, May 12; Bunga Ilaya, May 14; Cambugason, Naatang, Can-ipol, May 16; Kinagbaan and Bunga Mar, May 18 . San Vicente Ferrer on May 7 at barangays Can-uba, Ipil, Faraon; and Laca, May 18. San Miguel, San Jose, San Roque on May 10 at sitio Balbalab in Pangdan; San Isidro Labrador in Mayana, Cantuyoc and Alejawan on May 15 and Tubod Monte, May 17;  San Roque is celebrated on May 16 in barangay Cabungaan; San Jose in barangay Lonoy on May 19  and Boctol on May 22. The last to celebrate fiesta will be the upper barangay of Calabacita celebrating Birhen de la Paz on May 27.

Novena starts 9 days before the day of the fiesta with nightly entertainments characterized by songs, dances and games. Usually, Jagna fiesta celebrations in the barangays start three days before. Food is in abundant supply from the ante bisperas,bisperas until katumanan – the day of the fiesta. The opportunity for “free meals” is extended and the table is open for everyone.

Among the foods served to guests and visiting family members are inunlan nga dinumugan, suman, sikwate, torta, bola-bola, adobo, lechon among others.

May is also the time where families gather and renew ties; reunion with friends, classmates and batchmates; school reunions and other activities that reinforce bonding among people who have been close once but are separated by distance at present. 

It is said that the town of Jagna sinks by one inch every month of May and this may be true. Where “foods abound; people surround”. But we will not discount the pious ones who are there to truly venerate their revered saints.

Foods served during fiesta: lechon, inunlan nga dinumugan and bola bola

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