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The Local Government Unit of Jagna in the past 2 years has significantly strengthened its Integrated Coastal Resource Management. Recognizing the importance of caring and preserving marine resources for the future generation of Jagnaanons, the LGU thru the Municipal Agriculture Office has been actively supporting all programs of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources 7.

Implementation of projects and programs in accordance to set regulations have been enhanced. The LGU ensures that the regular annual operation budget for Coastal Resources Management program lodged in the Municipal Agriculture Office ‘s annual budget is in place. With the support of the LGU the Municipal Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Council (MFARMC) was reorganized and strengthened. Fishermen’s and people’s organization has been organized and strengthened.

The establishment of 8 Marine Protected Areas (MPA) and one marine reserve among the 14 coastal barangays was a feat for the LGU. For years  management of the MPAs and the marine reserve has been sustained with the help of POs and locales of the barangays. Awareness campaigns targeted at locales are continuously conducted with the help of NGOs such as BIDEF, Inc. and Physalus.

The LGU has also spearheaded the registration of fishermen as well as their fishing gears. It has deputized and capacitated fish wardens. Fish wardens conduct regular seaborne patrol within the municipal waters in collaboration with the PNP and POs.

The LGU with the participation of DENR, BFAR, BIDEF, Inc. has crafted the Integrated Coastal Resources Management Plan. The plan is already at the Sangguniang Bayan for review.

Jagna is part of a networking group DUGJAN with Guindulman and Duero to enhance implaemtation of CRM programs.

Activities in support of the CRM regularly conducted in the municipality spearheaded by the LGU in collaboration with NGOs are participation in the annual International Coastal Clean-up, mobilization of coastal barangays and participating schools for LGU initiated coastal, creeks and rivers clean up. Underwater clean up in collaboration with with Drift Divers (with Mr. Jeremy Horowits) as well as regular monitoring and assessment of the MPA.

All these activities and efforts of the municipality has earned the recognition of the province to get the Provincial Awardee for Gawad-Saka – Outstanding LGU Very Supportive to Fisheries Projects CY 2012. The award was given last October 18 in Cebu City in the occassion of the closing ceremonies of the 49th Fish Conservation Week. The award received by Municipal Agriculturist Camilo Rizano goes with a Certificate of Recognition and a Certificate of Project Commitment worth Php 80,000.


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