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JAGNA – The Municipal Agriculture Office of the municipality of Jagna is again adopting another technology seen to boost rice production. The Upland Rice Technology Demonstration Project: Varietal Trial and Fertilizer Adaptability with Farmers’ Field School is a project funded by the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Unit 7 (DA RFU 7), the Local Government Unit and the farmer-partners.

The project is currently implemented in Sitio Siling, Balili. There is a total of 40 farmer-partners for this project.

The objectives of the project are a) to become rice self sufficient by 2016; b) to evaluate traditional and  improve upland rice varieties and determine adaptability within the municipality; c) to determine field reactions to predominant pests and diseases prevailing in the different test sites; and d) to identify best performing upland rice varieties for local recommendations.

Traditional rice varieties to be used are Lubang and Dahili while improved varieties from PhilRice to be used are Dinorado, Camuros, 64, Sulig, Azucena, 3 months.

The method to be employed in planting is the Randomized Complete-Block Design (RCBD) using the 8 varieties.

Fertilizers to be used will be identified by the farmer-partner during the parallel conduct of the farmers-field school.

The project was launched last September 11 and classes started on September 18 and is expected to end this December 18, 2012.

Data to be gathered during the project are the amount of NPK thru soil sampling and laboratory analysis, yield in kilograms per hectare (adjusted to 14% moisture content) based on crop cut, plant height in centimeters, number of panicles per linear meter, field reaction to any incidence of pests and diseases at various crop growth stages, percent lodging at heading, flowering and at harvest.

The project is ably implemented by the LGU-MAO Crops Division (Rice Section), Provincial Agriculture Office, DA RFU 7, Bohol APC.

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