The Jagnaanons is a crop of people highly valuing its religious and cultural heritage. Part of this rich heritage is the traditional Sinu-og-Estokada which is a highlight during the annual celebration of the town fiesta in honor of St. Michael the Archangel.

This year, the Local Council for Culture and Arts has decided to elevate tradition to keep up with the changing of time without the intention of replacing and or eradicating its cultural value. Instead, it wants to enhance a tradition with the vision of sustainability amidst a modern society.

Thus, the Local Council for Culture and Arts launched on September 20, 2011 during the opening night of the 2011 Fiesta Nightly Entertainments the Sinu-og Estokada Jingle Songwriting Contest 2012 with the purpose of giving adequate time to those who want to join the competition.

The winning entry will be announced on July 29, 2012 and will then be recorded and released the following month as the Official Jingle of Sinu-og Estokada 2012.

The following are the guidelines of the contest: 1) The songwriting contest is open to all musically-inclined Jagnaanons, either by birth or affiliation. No age limit is set for participating composers; 2) Participating composers may submit more than one entry but not more than two entries; 3) The entry piece should not be less than 2.5 minutes and not to exceed 3.5 minutes. Language used is local Bisayan; 4) The entry piece must adhere to the beat of the traditional Sinu-og Estokada rhythm, with only the melodic treatment differing between one and the other entries.  While interpretation of the traditional rhythm may be allowed, it should, nonetheless, be recognizably Sinu-og Estokada; 5) Entries may submit raw recordings on CD or cassette tape, with tentative vocals accompanied by whatever musical instrument.  Each entry must include 5 computerized copies of the lyrics plus the filled Entry Form provided by the Committee.  The Filled entry form includes a signed attestation as to the originality of both the lyrics and the melody; 6) The musical composer and lyricist of an entry may be two different persons but if this wins the competition, the prize money must be shared among the two. Deadline for the submission of entries is May 29, 2012.

The contest mechanics are: 1) To assist would-be participants in the Sinu-ogEstokada Jingle Songwriting Contest 2012, a one-day seminar-workshop on Song & Lyrics writing will be conducted by the Committee on all those who have signed up for the contest from the day of its launching until the date of the said seminar which will take place in March, 2012, or six months after the project’s launching.  While this seminar-workshop is not mandatory, this activity will enable participants to fine-tune their compositions according to the intent of the competition, thus giving them a better chance at qualifying for the pre-judging.  Those who sign up for the competition after the scheduled seminar-workshop cannot anymore demand for another similar training; 2) Pre-Judging of all entries shall be done on May 29, 2012, through which the TOP 10 entries are picked.  All the 10 winners of the Pre-Judging are then given P3,000 pesos to be used in the making of their final musical arrangement, studio recording and interpreter’s fee; 3) The TOP 10 entries shall all be presented in the Final Presentation night on July 29, 2012 at the Jagna Gymnasium.  On this night, the finalists may employ back-up dancers and additional singers in presenting their numbers, but the Criteria for Judging will only focus on: Melodic Arrangement- 40%  (catchy melody, fidelity to the prescribed beat and rhythm and recall value); Lyrical Content-  30%  ( clarity of message, language and phrasing); Harmonics-20% ( Voice Blending and musical arrangement); Audience Impact –  10% with a total of 100%.                        

Prizes are to be determined by Organizers.

The Grand Winner of the Sinu-og Estokada Jingle Songwriting Contest 2012 shall be provided with a total grant amounting to P10,000 for the final arrangement and recording of his winning piece.  This final recorded form shall then be used by the Sinu-og Estokada Jingle Songwriting Committee for the promotional drumbeating of the Sinu-og Estokada Festival to be held on September 29, 2012.

The Grand Winner of the Sinu-og Estokada Jingle Songwriting Contest 2012 shall waive his rights in writing in favor of the Overall Fiesta Committee for its own purposes.  He may not use his winning piece for any other purposes without the express approval of the Committee. (Contest guidelines and mechanics courtesy of Mr. Marianito Luspo)