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– The Municipal Civil Registrar Office of the town of Jagna is on its busiest this February in celebration of the Civil Registration Month. Headed by Municipal Civil Registrar Lovella E. Acebes, activities have been conducted within the office and outside to convert into reality the theme “Civil Registration: Bringing Public Service Closer to the People”.

Activities range from hanging of streamer in front of the municipal building and during barangay mobile registration to make the public aware of the celebration. Conduct of barangay mobile registration that includes registration, BREQS requisition (requests for authenticated documents) and symposium on Civil Registration Process on birth, death, marriage registration; application for marriage license; legitimation & admission of paternity (RA 9858/9255); petition for correction of clerical error and petition for change of first name (RA 9048) and petition for correction of sex, birthdate (day and month) covered in RA 10172. Included in the line-up of activities is free registration and free issuance of certification to be held on February 27, 2013.

The kick off was the guesting of Ms. Lovella E. Acebes with Ms. Jessamyn Anne Alcazaren from the Provincial Statistics Office on board the LGU Hour on February 7. Ms. Acebes informed the public of the line-up of activities for the whole month. Ms. Alcazaren discussed the pertinent details of RA 10172 and the upcoming Census on Agriculture and Fisheries (CAF).

Mobile registration visited the barangays of Alejawan and Naatang on February 7; Balili (Sitio Siling and Capao-an) on February 12; Cantagay and Faraon on February 14; Calabacita (Catiwihan) and Mayana (Ilawod) on February 19; Odiong and Can-ipol on February 21; Tubod Monte and Cabungaan on February 26; Kinagbaan and Bunga Ilaya on February 28.

The month-long celebration is an annual big event for the Municipal Civil Registrar’s Office. For years now, they have been on the task of bringing civil registration closer to the people.