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Local Chief Executive Atty. Fortunato R. Abrenilla signed on November 4 Executive Order No. 42, s. 2013 entitled “AN ORDER RECONSTITUTING THE LOCAL POVERTY REDUCTION ACTION TEAM (LPRAT) OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF JAGNA, ESTABLISHING ITS COMPISITION AND FUNCTIONS THEREOF” in preparation for Bottom-Up-Budgeting for 2014.

Pursuant to the Millenium Development Goal (MDG) of reducing poverty in the Philippines from 26.5 percent to 16.6 percent by 2015, Bottom-Up-Budgeting is the government’s strategy towards attainment of this MDG.

Bottom-Up-Budgeting (BUB) is a strategy that implements planning and budgeting more participatory and at the grassroots level through the involvement of civil society organizations and people’s organizations. The BUB entails the preparation of the Local Poverty Reduction Action Plan (LPRAP) which contains the programs and projects collectively drawn through a participatory process by the local government unit and civil society organizations and other stakeholders seen to directly address the needs of the poor constituencies and marginalized sectors.

The LPRAT was reconstituted and reactivated in order to spearhead the formulation and monitoring of the LPRAP and on November 6 the LPRAT met to work on programs and projects for the BUB 2014 – the LPRAP.

The composition of the Local Poverty Reduction Action Team (LPRAT) for BUB 2014 are Atty. Fortunato R. Abrenilla (chairperson), Engr. Cruza E. Bagatsolon (co-chairperson) and members from the Local Government Units/National Government Agencies: Hon. Bonifacio J. Virtudes (Vice-Mayor) Jr., Engr. Gerry V. Araneta (MPDC), Engr. Peter M. Jamero (Municipal Budget Officer), Mr. Camilo Rizano (Municipal Agriculturist), Ms. Marcionila E. Reyes (MSWDO), Dr. Arnold Dasion M. Cagulada (MHO), Engr. Josefina S. Rañoa (Municipal Engineer), Hon. Cirilo C. Acedo (ABC President), Ms. Elizabeth O. Balaba (Designate Municipal Tourism Officer), Mr. Nestor M. Arban (Designate PESO Manager), Ms. Rae Juliet Berse (DSWD Municipal Link), Ms. Judy Grace M. Dominguez (MLGOO), Mrs. Delfina A. Ola-a (DepEd District Supervisor), Anacleta D. Ancog (MARU).

Composing the Civil Society Organization members of the LPRAT are Mrs. Maribel M. Bucog (MDC Representative), Mrs. Isabelita Galagar (Pantawid Pamilya Parent Leader), Mrs. Agnes Salas (DOH Community Health Team Representative), Mr. Anacleto Bayron (Farmers and Ube Growers Representative), Mrs. Bernadette Sajulan (Jagna Public Vendors Representative), Mr. Godofredo Okit (Transportation Group Representative), Mrs. Marianita Bayron (Jagna Local Council of Women Representative), Mr. Jeric Daguplo (Jagna Parish Youth Ministry Representative), Mr. Alberto Y. Café (Jagna Veterans and Senior Citizens Representative), Engr. Antonio Ranque ( NGO-Church-based Organization Representative), Mrs. Beverly Abadingo (Cooperatives/Businessmen Representative), Mr. Dionisio Abueva (Fisherfolks Organization Representative), Mr. Howard Sedavia (Persons with Disability Representative), Mrs. Elena C. Aclan (PTA Federation President).

Mayor Abrenilla an advocate of participatory governance signed the EO to ensure that sectors will be represented in the budgeting process and programs and projects shall answer the needs of the constituency.