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Two rice technicians of the Local Government Unit of Jagna and Municipal

MAO Camelo Rizano

Agriculturist Camelo Rizano were recently awarded the National Rice Achievers’ Award in Pasay City as part of the 2nd Agri-Pinoy Rice Achievers’ Awards conferred by the Department of Agriculture. Cecile A. Opada and Melyndre J. Galve are rice technicians at the Municipal Agriculture Office. Cecile has served as rice technician since 2007 while Melyndre started in 2010.


Melyndre J. Galve

These two rice technicians have faithfully served the farmers in the town by implementing national and local programs for the benefit of the Jagnaanon farmers.


Jagna being an agricultural town has adopted national programs and new technologies to boost rice production. The LGU has also implemented its own programs in support of the national programs. The LGU’s support to this goal as well as the farmers’ open adoption of innovative technology is very instrumental and achieving annual goals on rice production within the town.


Cecile and Melyndre are working on the implementation of all the programs and

Cecile A. Opada

projects of the Department of Agriculture (DA) and the Rice Production and Enhancement Program of the Municipality, Cecile is conducting Rice Research and Development for a newly improved certified rice especially the glutinous rice varietal trials in support of the calamay industry in Jagna. Melyndre conducts trainings to farmers on strengthening irrigators associations, conduct of farmers field schools, technology demonstrations, financial management trainings to farmers.


Cecile and Melyndre complement each other in the conduct of their tasks making it effective and beneficial to the farmers.


Mr. Camelo Rizano was among the municipal agriculturists awarded for successfully implementing the rice programs of his office. Mr. Rizano has been open to programs introduced by the national, regional and provincial agriculture offices. He has implemented local initiatives to boost the adoption of farming technologies in the town.


The Agri-Pinoy Rice Achievers’ Awards was created by the Department of Agriculture through the national rice program to thank the famers as well as the provincial and municipal officials and agricultural extension workers for continuously exerting efforts to contribute to boosting national rice harvest.


The awardees received a plaque and Php 20,000 cash incentive.