The LGU-run Jagna Waterworks System (JWS) is in full gear as repairs, rehabilitation, upgrading are in force since the month of February.

In the efforts of the administration of Mayor Fortunato Abrenilla to provide quality service to its constituents, the JWS has undertaken activities that will ensure that the people will be provided sufficient and safe potable water.

Repairs to leaking pipes are being undertaken to the eleven barangays serviced by the JWS. Rehabilitation of existing water sources as well as sourcing of springs to provide more water supplies is part of the activities to be undertaken.

According to Bernardo Baja, operations manager of the JWS, the main pipe in Canjulao which sources its water from Barangay Cantuyoc and Malbog was replaced with a new one that will provide enough pressure so that water will be distributed evenly to all the serviced areas. Summer is in and fiestas are being celebrated and demand for water is at its peak at this time of the year.

Stubouts are also being put up in barangay Canjulao, Looc and Can-upao for purposes of efficient monitoring of leakage; provide ease to the meter readers as they will not anymore go to each household for meter reading; provide safety to meter readers ;less time will be consumed for meter reading; and cost effective.

Under the Municipal Planning and Development Office headed by Engr. Gerry Araneta, projects and programs of the JWS are now being implemented in order to enhance current services. The enhancement of the JWS is aimed towards efficient delivery of service to the people of Jagna.

Replacement of the main pipe at Canjulao (Foto MPDC)


Newly put up stubout at Barangay Canjulao (Foto MPDC)