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“Maanyag nga mga anak ug kalantip sa isip” is in the lyrics of Jagna Hymn which describes the town’s people. But not only is it inhabited by beautiful and intelligent people it has also shared its manpower with the esteemed guardians of peace in the country.


Last March, a Jagnaanon successfully hurdled the Philippine Military Academy’s rigorous mental, physical and character training. Junrey S. Sajulga graduated on March 17, 2013 belonging to Pudhang-Kalis Class of 2013 of the prestigious military academy in the country. According to 2nd Lieutenant Sajulga Pudhang-Kalis means “sacred sword” to the Tausugs. It also stands for “Puso’t Dangal ng mga Kawal ng Lahing Nagkakaisa”.

Lieutenant Sajulga is the youngest child of Benjamen Sajulga and Felixberta Salaum. He was born on July 23, 1988. He spent his elementary years at Jagna Central Elementary School and went to Central Visayan Institute Foundation (CVIF) for his high school education. He took up BS Accountancy at the Jose Rizal University and on his last semester decided to take the PMA examination at Mapua. Only a few days to his graduation, on April 1, 2009 he entered the Philippine Military Academy as a plebe. April and May for plebes is summer camp. It was the start of another 4-year course and training at the PMA for this young and determined lad.

Jagna’s 4th PMAer after Col. Casenas, Col. Triumph Dominic G Bagaipo and 2nd Lt. Austin John Jamora, who happens to be Lt. Sajulga’s classmate in high school, will be joining the esteemed halls of the Philippine Navy Marines on April 14.