Launching of the “A Day in Jagna Tour” – a tourism kick-off


Its 9 days more to go into the celebration of the 385th Foundation Day and Fiesta Celebration of the town of Jagna! Viva Senior San Miguel!

Today marks the start of the 9-day long novena at the church of St. Michael the Archangel, the patron saint of the town. The 9-day novena will be followed with the 9-nightly entertainments organized by the Local Government Unit. As a tradition, it is the national, provincial and local government agencies to open the nightly celebrations thus this year’s opening salvo is anchored on the theme LIVABLE JAGNA: A Community for Change, A Church of Mercy. A presentation of the mission and vision of the town crafted by the local government unit aimed at presenting to the Jagnaanons and Jagnaanons-at-heart the essence of its mission and vision to be inculcated in each one’s mind and heart thru songs and dances.

A most important part of day 1 of the 9-day series of entertainments is the launching of a tourism program – a desire from long ago – now given much attention and application. This plan is to anchor on the five pillars of tourism development – ecotourism, historical-cultural attractions, natural attractions and special events for the upliftment of the lives of the Jagnaanons thru tourism.

Tourism in Jagna has always remained a minor driver of socio – economic activity despite the presence of sites that are potential crowd –drawing attractions. Jagna is rich in tourism and cultural attractions. Evident to these are twenty –two (22) identified existing and potential tourist spots located in the different barangays. Per Jagna Tourism Plan of Action and Marketing Strategy, it adopts the following 1) Establishment of Tourist Assistance Center; 2) Develop and consolidate present product offering; 3) Tourist destination assistance and linkages to prime tourist destinations; 4) Training and employment of tour guides and service crews; 5) Endorsement in the drafting of legislations in the operations and regulations of tourism activities and others.

With all of the above-mentioned, the concept of “A Day in Jagna” tour package sprung to life utilizing what is existent as crowd-drawing attractions. A Day in Jagna features a culinary tour, with a touch of eco-culture, the present and thriving micro-economic enterprises of Jagna with cultural and socio-economic significance in the evolution of the town. These are: Ching’s Calamay ( The traditional Way of making the calamay), JACAPCO Facility ( Jagna Calamay Producers Cooperative presents the modern calamay making) ,Tableya de Binsoy at Municipal Agriculture Office in Tubod Monte, Banana Chips & Ubi Food Processing in Tubod Monte, Virgin Coconut Oil Processing in Kinagbaan, Jagna Cookies in Nausok, St. Michael the Archangel Parish at the Poblacion and the Capt. Gregorio Caseñas Statue at the municipal plaza. This will be launched on September 20, 2016 at 8:00 in the morning starting off with a motorcade and a program thereafter to be held at the Jagna Gym.

Presently, the LGU has been organizing tours to Jagnaanon students and pupils to familiarize them with what is being offered. For those interested in the “A Day in Jagna: Culinary Tour Package”, you may contact the Tourism Office at (038) 5318001.