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The Local Council for Culture and the Arts (LCCA) reveals the nine nightly entertainments preceding Jagna’s founding day and fiesta on September 29. These nightly entertainments are sponsored by different agencies, businesses and institutions and have been thoroughly prepared considering the Jagnaanon’s flair for pomp and drama.


The nightly entertainment will be kicked off by none other than the National, Provincial and LGU Jagna Offices’Night with the Loboc Children’s Choir: In Concert to entertain and formally open the nightly activities on September 20.  The Loboc Children’s Choir will serenade the town with a selection of visayan and English songs that will tickle the senses and condition the Jagnaanons for more enjoyment as each presentor performs in each of the 9 nights.


The Central Visayan Institute Foundation, Inc. on September 21 will demonstrate their musicality in a night full of music dubbed CVIF presents wwwMusicConnects. For a long time, private educational institutions have been in a lull as presenters during the nightly entertainments but this time around they are incarnated to remind the Jagnaanons of the prowess and talents of the young.


The Colegio dela Medalla Milagrosa (CMM) with the recent success of their broadway show Les Mesirables will once again endeavor to entertain the public on September 22 with a show entitled Broadway –another night of drama and songs combined that will showcase the talents of CMM students in singing and stage acting. Another night of creativity.


The Alturas Group of Companies on September 23 will entertain the Jagnaanons with a show dubbed Alturas Variety Show. This is another show to look out for since the Alturas Group of Companies will indisputably make their night a blast with entertainment.


September 24 is a shining night for Sun Cellular’s Sun Todo IDD Dance Attack Competition. A dance competition that will surely gather a crowd of spectators who love dancing and with which the town of Jagna prides itself in abundance of.


September 25 will bring in another educational institution that has produced young talents in its halls. The Bohol Institute of Technology – International College in Jagna will be showcasing in their night Gabi-I Uban sa BIT-IC. This is another night to look forward to and see young people share their talents to entertain the Jagnaanons.

Jagna’s Fighter Wine again this year is sponsoring the night of September 26 in honor of St. Michael the Archangel with a show entitled Fighter Wine Night. Fighter Wine will undoubtedly this night make a Jagnaanon broadly smile with something to bring home as has been the experience with their entertaining night in last year’s fiesta nightly entertainment.

September 27 will indeed be spectacular with Spectacular Night with Teachers 2013 sponsored by the Department of Education and other private schools. This is a night of dancing and gyrating to the beat with the noble teachers at the DepEd and private schools.

September 28 brings with it the tradition of Du Ek Sam, Inc. sponsoring the vesper night. This time they are presenting DES Jagna Fiesta Night Presents DES SHOWTIME! A night of entertainment and fun with the Du Ek Sam, Inc.


A night of Disco and Live Band will entertain young and not so young alike on September 29 sponsored by San Miguel Beer, Tadena Commercial and the Sangguniang Kabataan of Jagna.


Truly, total entertainment for the Jagnaanons in honor of the patron saint St. Michael the Archangel.