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LGU Hour features waterworks system (Part 1)

The first and only community radio in Bohol and the flagship radio station of LGU-Jagna, DYJP 100.1FM, has established as one of its weekly program the “LGU HOUR” every Thursday from 9AM to 10AM.

The main purpose of the creation based on Executive Order No. 33 Series of 2010 is that the LGU HOUR shall be a medium of an integrated program of information and development communication that will present the work of the LGU, develop public understanding of activities, policies and enhance public trust and support up to the barangay level.

This program has become the avenue for the local government to become transparent and as a feedback mechanism to effective governance. It is the media used by the LGU to inform the public of programs and update them on development projects being undertaken by each LGU department.

The program has a schedule for guestings of the heads of the different departments. Anchored by Mr. Alberto Café, Municipal Administrator and Ms. Amiela Singco-Balaba, Municipal Public Information Officer the topic tackled on August 11 was the Jagna Waterworks System with Engr. Gerry Araneta of the Municipal Planning and Development Office as the guest-department head.

Engr. Gerry Araneta, MPDC on board LGU Hour

The Jagna Waterworks System (JWS) became operational in 1925 and has since been an LGU-led public utility.  Since it is LGU led, all regulations, policies and tariffs are crafted by the Sangguniang Bayan of Jagna. This public utility has experienced its up and downs during its years of existence and has now been given focus by the current administration of Mayor Fortunato Abrenilla.


With its vision of self-sufficiency which is nearing attainment at 93% sufficiency rate, the JWS is slowly but surely gaining independence from the LGU in the performance of its day-to-day tasks as well as its other minor operations. It can already afford the salaries of its job order employees as well as finance needed minor repairs.


A revamp and major repairs though expensive have been done and is continuously being implemented financed by the LGU. Ongoing installation of additionall water pipes as well as the installation of stubouts in barangays being serviced is ongoing. Finding additional water sources to augment current and to prepare for future demands is undertaken.


With the initiative of Engr. Gerry Araneta an upgrading of the current water billing system as well as electronic inquiry (thru text to ask for statement of account, lodge complaints and information drive) is being considered and will be underway.


As one of the development agenda of Mayor Fortunato Abrenilla, this public utility is given priority. His vision of providing potable water to all residents and the searching for additional water sources is in line and incorporated in the visions of the Jagna Waterworks System and the MDG.

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