The weekly program LGU Hour of the municipality on board the DYPJ is a one and a half hour program tackling development initiated programs of the local government unit. On Friday, July 10, from 9-10:30 AM, hosted by municipal information officer Amiela Balaba with invited guest Municipal Nutrition Action Officer Anita Ocmeja tackled the 2015 Nutrition Month theme and government programs on nutrition. This year’s Nutrition Month theme is “Timbang iwasto sa tamang nutrisyon at ehersisyo”.

The National Nutrition Council (NNC), the agency that is mandated to spearhead the yearly celebration of July as Nutrition Month, has focused its efforts this year on proper nutrition hand in hand with physical activity to counteract the increasing number of overweight and obese individuals. The discussion centered on suggested strategies to counter such malnutrition problem.

The Municipal Nutrition Council has information campaigns towards eating healthy and encouraging Jagnaanons to implement in each of their households good nutrition practices. It has targeted wives, mothers, pregnant and lactating women in its information campaign Pabasa sa Nutrisyon conducted in the barangays.

Towards the management of normal weight, the LGU also initiated the weekly zumba every Saturday at the Jagna Municipal Plaza spearheaded by the Rural Health Unit I. This is to instill in the Jagnaanons the importance of exercise for a sound mind and body and for a healthy Jagnaanon community. This is also to promote active and alert Jagnaanons so that in times of calamities and disasters, response is immediate.

Thru the Municipal Nutrition Council, national programs are being cascaded to the barangays to ensure solidarity in the MDG goal of zero malnutrition.