Sakay-Sakay 2012 (Photo by Onil Berro)

Sakay-Sakay 2012 (Photo by Onil Berro)

JAGNA – The Municipality of Jagna in celebration of its 384th Foundation Anniversary and Fiesta in honor of St. Michael the Archangel, its patron saint is introducing an innovation in its traditional Sakay-Sakay (fluvial procession) to make the event more meaningful.

The fluvial procession, Sakay-Sakay in vernacular, is one of the centuries-old religious traditions in Jagna during the annual fiesta of St. Michael the Archangel. This is the seawater procession of the icon of Jagna’s revered patron saint done on its feast day, September 29, but has been recently moved on the vesperas, September 28 due to some valid reasons.

The icon of the Archangel escorted by a costumed Sinoog contingent is loaded into a gaily-decorated boat and is sailed around the municipal waters of Jagna. The boat in turn escorted by similarly rigged small boats sail first to the east as far as the coastal barangay of Alejawan then turns west to barangay Can-uba and retraces “route until it returns to the embarkation point.

Along the shores, devotees greet the procession by setting off fireworks, waving palm fronds. The salute continues as long as the boats are in sight. This must have roused and sustained the courage of the native militia when defeated the marauding pirates – Moros – on November 15, 1751.

To commemorate the victory, a fluvial procession is held every fiesta of St. Michael.

In order to add more meaning, participating motorboats in the Sakay-Sakay are encouraged to be the “best decorated” banca utilizing environmentally friendly means and resources.

The traditional Sakay-Sakay sa Dagat will showcase the participating motorized bancas as they compete for the title, Best Decorated. This first ever competition aims to promote environmental awareness among the people and to showcase the cleanliness and pristine beauty of the Jagna Bay, hence, the theme: GREEN MARINE.

This search for the Best-Decorated Motorized Banca is open to all Jagnaanon with canter-type motorized banca; must be decorated with indigenous materials; only 10 entries will be accepted and entries must comply with Philippine Coast Guard rules and regulations.

The Sakay-Sakay 2015 will happen on September 28, 2015 at 7:30 AM after the holy mass. This activity is spearheaded by Vice Mayor Bonifacio Virtudes, Jr. and the Jagna Parish headed by Msgr. Ignacio Reyes.