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Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council

MDRRMC Composition

                        Atty. Fortunato R. Abrenilla –   Chairperson/Municipal Mayor [0920-9276242]

                        Hon. Bonifacio J. Vitudes, Jr.      –   Vice Chairperson/ Mun. Vice Mayor [0999-9906277]

                        Engr. Gerry V. Araneta       –   MDRRM Officer Designate (MPDC)  [0919-8878611]

                        Ms. Judy Grace R. Dominguez         –   Chairperson on Preparedness (MLGOO) [0917-3121817]

                        Ms. Marcionila E. Reyes     –   Chairperson on Response (MSWDO) [0919-2459779]

                        Engr. Josefina S. Rañoa      –   Chairperson on Rehabilitation and Recovery (ME) [0919-9935745]

                        Mr. Vicente Ll. Orias        –   Chairperson on Prevention and Mitigation [0909-4703043]

                        Mr. Adonis John Cagas –   MDRRM Action Officer [0939-7666569]



Checklist for Disaster Preparedness


Jagna Evacuation Plan

Jagna Evacuation Center (Coastal Area)

MDRRMC Resolutions

MDRRMC Activities

Approved 5% DRRM Fund Utilization

DRRM Related Circular and Memo

Other Info Resources


Programs/Projects/Activities related to:


1.Integrating DRRM/CCA in the Revision of CLUP/CDP.

2. Baseline data gathering and hazard risks mapping.

3. Heighten awareness on Climate Change Adaptation.

4. Monitoring and Evaluation Mechanism

5. Strengthening MDRRMC (Establishment of Office and Personnel)


1.Building alliance and spirit of cooperation in adjacent barangays.

2. Enhancing pre-disaster drills like earthquake drill and fire drills.

3. Formulation of enabling policies and related to disaster preparedness.

4. Enhancing early warning device and alarm system

5.Enhancing proper solid waste segregation.


1. Capacitating of Jagna Emergency Medical and Rescue Unit Personnel

2.Training on Ropemanship, Rappeling and High Angle Rescue Application

3. Activation of Hotline No.s and Dissemination of Emergency Contact No.s

4. Provisions of ready equipments and rescue paraphernalia.

6. Provision of JEMRU Basic Medical Equipments, First Aid Kit & Medicines.

7.Red Cross Basic Training on 143 Mobilization


1. Conduct a Tree Growing Activities to increase forest cover.

2. Dredging and declogging of rivers and estuaries.

3. Partnership with Academe (BISU) on the Case Study “Modeling and Evaluation of Risks from Water-induced Erosion & Landslide in Calabacita and Mayana”

4. Monitoring of landslide and flood prone areas.


Persons to contact in case of Disaster and Emergency:

Jagna Emergency Rescue Unit (JEMRU)

Contact No.s 531-8145/531-0166/2382-142
Mobile No. 0926-4046202/0919-8878611
Executive Order creating JEMRU
Capacity Building Activities
- Red Cross Basic Training on 143 Mobilization
- Training on Ropemanship, Rappelling and High Angle Rescue Application
– Training on JEMRU Emergency Medical Services
Training on Collapsed Structure Search and Rescue Emergency Medical Services

Coordinating Line Agencies

- National DRRMC
- Provincial DRRMC
- Office of the Civil Defense
- Mines and Geo-sciences Bureau
- Bohol T.A.R.S.I.E.R
Reports and Documentations
- Mayana Tragedy Reports
- Mayana Landslide Report
- DRRM Orientation to Punong Barangays of Jagna
- MDRRM Plan Implementation Report ppt
- Results of Flooding Assessment in Jagna by MGB-DENR 7
- Results of Landslides Assessment by MGB-DENR7
- Heavy downpour cause bridge to collapse
- MGB Reports and Recommendations
- Bohol Earthquake 1990
- How to conduct earthquake drills?
- Conducting Fire Drills
- Tsunami Drills
- Disaster Response Guidelines
- Evacuation Guidelines
- Evacuation Plan
Multi-Hazard Maps of Jagna
-Agriculture and Rain-induced Hazard
- Built-up and Liquefaction Hazard
- Built-up and Rain-induced
-Built-up and Tsunami Hazard
-Agriculture and Liquefaction Hazard
- Jagna Slope Map
MDRRMC Advisory
20110311 Tsunami Alert
- 20110830 Heavy downpour alert
Communication/Outgoing Letters
- April 7 MDRRMC Meeting
- Feb 7-8 MDRRMC Planning Workshop
- June 25 – Tree Growing Activity
- July 26 WB-GFDRR Bldg Structure Assessment
-Sept 5 MDRRMC Meeting
- 24-Hour Public Weather Forecast
- Bohol Directory of Government Offices
 Communication with communities will help the locals well informed about the possible disasters that might happen.
 Other Documents

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