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DuGJan MPA Network

DuGJan MPA Network

An Alliance of Duero-Guindulman-Jagna in taking care of marine protected area.

(This site is under construction)

34th DuGJan Meeting held at Duero


  • Milestone of DuGJan and Accomplishment Report
  • Review of Commitment (MOA signing)
  • Election of New Set of Officers
  • New Provision in MOA:
  • >to cover CRM other than MPA
  • >to include BEMO represented by Provincial Government of Bohol
  • >to include LGU Garcia Hernandez
  • >to increase contribution from P50T to P100T
  • >to issue Governor Executive Order as basis
  • >to focus on enforcement and IEC activities
  • > to hire focal person paid by the network fund