Philippine Center for Civic Education

The Philippine Center for Civic Education and Democracy (PCCED) is a non-stock, non-profit organization dedicated to the effective promotion of good citizenship and participatory democracy through education. PCCED believes that “good citizenship” means reasoned commitment to fundamental democratic values and principles manifested in an active engagement in civic life.

Today, PCCED works with teachers, youth, barangay officials, citizens’ groups, local authorities, and other government agencies to promote increased citizen participation in local democracy.

In Jagna

New projects will soon be launched by PCCED in the municipality of Jagna in Bohol. This projects will focus on civic education training and capacity building for civil society towards greater participation in local governance. Throject was was approved by Basque Agency for Development Cooperation, and features a two-year intervention of civic education trainings as well as capacity building for CSOs especially those engaged in Participatory Budgeting.

 PCCED program manager Raiza Cusi explained that the new projects are “on one hand, continuation of our work for the people of Bohol as a continuation of our partnership with the Spanish NGO, Zabalketa in promoting democratic values and citizen participation.”