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PWRF-Support Program

PWRF-SP Philippine Water Revolving Fund- Support Program
A USAID Technical Assistance grant to to develop an innovative and sustainable financing mechanism for water supply and sanitation (WSS) projects


Program Objectives:

a) Establish PWRF, a credit facility that leverages ODA with  private bank funds;

b) Strengthen enabling environment of water and finance sectors; and

c) Assist WDs and LGUs to develop a pipeline of viable water supply and septage management projects

d) PWRF-SP also aims to improve governance and performance of water service providers

Ring-fencing of Utility Accounts
– Separate accounts and financial statements
– Physically/organizationally ring-fence the staff (i.e. transferring control and responsibility for staff and assets, such as water plant and equipment, office space, vehicles, etc.)
– To enable parties to have sufficient information for planning, negotiating and monitoring performance
–¬† To enable the utility staff to have adequate control of the resources needed to meet its commitments.

Water Utility Reform Glide Path