Last April 13, 2011, the Bohol Tourism Council held the Bohol Pre-Tourism Summit Conference at Bohol Tropics in Tagbilaran City.

The event was attended by the municipalities of the province, each showcasing their tourism sites as well as delicacies and offerings to tourists.

The LGU thru the Municipal Tourism Council showcased the tourism sites found in the municipality. In a tarpaulin display the tourism sites and cultural events were presented. These are the existing and potential tourism come-ons of the municipality. Culture and adventure are Jagna’s offering to its visitors.

Among the tourist spots are Batong Buhay Resort and Delailahs Rock Resort in Larapan; Can-uba Beach; Kinahugan Falls in Cabungaan; Boctol Swimming Pool; Ka Iyang Cave in Odiong; Carmolaon II Cave in Cantuyoc declared by Dr. Boris Sket, a University of Ljubljana’s Zoology Professor and speleologist, as the deepest “chasm” in Bohol and the second deepest in the entire Philippines during his team’s visit in 2008.

Cultural practices worth showcasing to visitors are the Padagan sa Kometa and Dagit sa mga Bitoon, an annual event during the Christmas season; Jagna Sinuog Estokada and Sakay sakay during the town fiesta in September; Paduaw sa Belen among others.

A potential new tourism site in Jagna will be the underwater marvels of Barangay Cantagay. Discovered during the underwater survey and mapping as well as clean up done at the coastal waters of the barangay are rare coral, fish species and clam specie worthy to be shown to divers.

Mayor Fortunato Abrenilla specifically wants to promote a rare white, cottony plant, 5 feet in height found implanted in the seabed of Cantagay. It is still unknown to US Peace Corps Volunteer Jeremy Horowitz who supervised the survey, mapping and clean-up.

Like Governor Chatto, tourism is one of the local chief executive’s thrust in his administration. He is encouraging visitors to stay and avail of the offerings of the town. It can be adventure for nature lovers; cultural for visitors appreciative of tradition and delicacies with its famous original calamay for food lovers.