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Mayor Abrenilla attends 1st LED workshop in Cambodia

Mayor Fortunato R. Abrenilla and MPDC Engr. Gerry Araneta attended the First Regional Workshop on Local Economic Development (LED) held in Cambodia last February 15-17.

This workshop is organized by the Municipal Partners for Economic Development Program of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

A total of 250 participants most are representative from the ministry and provincial governments of Cambodia and Vietnam.

Both the local chief executive and the MPDC are presentors during the workshop sharing on experiences and good practices in local economic development.

The aim is for Cambodia, Vietnam and the other southeast asian countries to learn from experiences and models that work to support the LED.

Among the presentors during the workshop were PPALMA Alliance experience of Cotabato, Carmona and Naga.

As Chairman of the Cluster of Municipalities composing DUGJAN (Duero, Guindulman, Jagna, Garcia Hernandez), Mayor Fortunato R. Abrenilla together with Engr. Gerry Araneta were chosen to present the experiences of the cluster.

The town of Blackfalds in Alberta,Canada and the municipalities of Jagna, Duero, Guindulman ang Garcia Hernandez are partners within the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Municipal Partnerships Program (MPP). The MPP facilitates local government to local government relationship in which partners with similar mandates and goals work together to find solutions to the problems they are facing.




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