Local Chief Executive Atty. Fortunato R. Abrenilla opens up to his visions for the year to come. He has in line three major infra projects.

His concern over the lack of a passenger terminal in the town connects to a big problem in traffic management. “Buses loading and unloading in front of the public market area cause a major traffic problem. Implemented measures have been ineffective as passengers and drivers alike do not follow strictly to imposed traffic rules”, said the mayor. “We only have a two-lane highway. This traffic management problem is a disaster waiting to happen”, he further added.

Plans are underway for the construction of a passenger terminal at sitio Balbalan in Poblacion. All buses will be stationed in the area waiting for passengers ferried by motorcabs coming from the Jagna Port.

 Budget has already been approved and acquired. The Municipal Engineering Office will implement the said project.

Mayor Abrenilla’s other project is to get the construction of the Calamay Common Service Facility underway. Groundbreaking was done at Can-upao, Jagna on September 25.

He shares the vision of the calamay makers (calamaderas) of Jagna for a quality calamay competitive in the global market. Mayor Abrenilla said that the Jagna Calamay is known not only in the Philippines but worldwide. He believes that calamay made in Jagna has a worldwide market. “A need for product diversity is imminent as well as the extension of its shelf-life enhanced if we want to export our calamays”, Mayor Abrenilla said. He stressed that acceptability to the global consumers should be looked into.

The common service facility for calamay will elevate its quality as well as answer all the requirements for entering into a global market.

His third and biggest dream is the improvement of water service in the town. There have been major revamps done which is required as pipes have become worn out over the years but the Mayor wants to do an expansion of the water service in the town.

Currently, the Jagna Waterworks System (JWS) is only servicing a total of 10 out of the 33 barangays. Mayor Abrenilla wants to expand its service to at least three more barangays – Bunga Mar, Pangdan and Nausok.

Expansion of the JWS service areas entails a huge amount of money as more work has to be done and more pipes to be installed. The Mayor is determined than ever to accomplish this huge project on top of improvement plans on Jagna’s water sources as well as installation of 6 inch-diameter pipes from the source. He sees that the JWS needs his attention more than the other projects.

Among his minor list of to be accomplished projects for the year to come is the completion of the one stop shop office, divisions and roll up doors at the public market.

Mayor Abrenilla is set on working hard towards the accomplishment of his projects for the benefit of the  people of Jagna.