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Mayor turns over Police Dangpanan to PNP

Mayor Fortunato R. Abrenilla in his efforts to make the town remain peaceful and crime free turns over the newly constructed Police Dangpanan and Tourist Assistance Center to the PNP Jagna headed by PSInsp George A Badon.

The new police dangpanan is strategically located at the intersection east of the public market. This will give the police on duty a good view of the area.

Police visibility in the market is seen to deter unwholesome beings to perform destructive actions within the area. It is also a good starting point for roving around town as the location has access to roads leading to the upper barangays and coastal barangays.

Their position is also seen to deter traffic violators from committing more violations and for easy monitoring of erring drivers who refuse to follow rules and regulations on traffic.

The Police Dangpanan will serve as tourist assistance center. Tourists now have a place to go to ask questions and be assured of reliable answers.

The dangpanan is an asset to the town in the maintenance of peace and order.

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