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The Municipal Nutrition Council is currently conducting nutrition evaluation to the 33 barangays comprising the Municipality of Jagna from February to March. This evaluation is aimed at ensuring the proper implementation of the nutrition programs in the barangays.


Evaluation components include functionality of the Barangay Nutrition Counters, compliance to recordings of health and nutrition activities implemented in the barangays. Documentary records on the weighing of children by the barangay nutrition scholars are scrutinized to ensure that no undernourished kids exist in the barangays. If there are undernourished kids direct intervention at the barangay level is done with the assistance and support of the municipal nutrition office. Purok centers are evaluated as well as Gulayan sa Barangay garden. If the barangays has an existing public elementary and high school, the Gulayan sa Barangay garden will also be inspected.


Another component is the evaluation of the day care centers including its facilities by the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer. Feedings conducted at the day care centers are observed to ensure the proper handling of food.


A sanitary inspector is part of the evaluating team. The role is to see if there are still houses with no sanitary toilets. If there are houses lacking it is reported to the barangay officials so they will be of assistance to the owners of the houses.


The Bureau of Fire Protection is in the team to inspect if there are any fire hazards in the government buildings in the barangay.


Staff of the Stimulating Therapeutic Activity Center (STAC) joined the team to campaign in the barangays for possible clients to the STAC. The STAC caters to the needs of special children in the town.


The nutrition evaluation ensures that nutrition programs are properly implemented in the barangay level.